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Global Bank Users Strike: Call for Organizers and Participants

category north america / mexico | economy | non-anarchist press author Wednesday December 03, 2008 14:10author by bernasty - Global Bank Users Strike North Americaauthor email bankstrike at riseup dot net Report this post to the editors

North America begins to organize in a global campaign against commercial banks and debt!

As the financial system enters a deeper crisis, people have decided to respond! Commercial banks cannot be trusted with our paychecks and savings. Organizers from North America are joining a global effort to strike against commercial banks. We are coordinating withdrawals from commercial banks, investment in non-capitalist financial institutions, and a global movement against debt. We demand that personal debt be canceled just as Wall St. speculator's loss was bailed-out. Let the crisis be paid for by the richest!

Call for a Global Bank Users Strike

As we all know, the world financial system is in crisis. The line has
been drawn: from predatory lending, to socially and environmentally
destructive development, to demands for bailouts, it's clear that the
banking system considers only a select group of people and ignores or
exploits the rest.

This September Catalonian anti-banking activists put out a call for a
'global bank users strike.' The plan is to develop a worldwide,
coordinated effort to organize withdrawals from the commercial banking
system and debt non-repayment. People can 'pre-register' to participate;
when enough people a signed-up in a given city or region, they can call
a day to withdrawal money from commercial banks and place it in
non-capitalist financial institutions and begin debt non-payment. People
can participate as much or as little as they like: those already living
without the banking system or resisting debt payment can coordinate with
others and give them advice. The idea is to begin--in a public and
collective way--popular resistance to the banking system that can no
long be trusted with out paychecks and savings.

Read the call to action distributed at the G20 counter-summit in
Washington D.C. here:

The method of this strike will vary by region and people's organizing
efforts. Some ideas are on the strikes methodology are on the European site:

The North American Bank Strike campaign is looking for people to help
organize this campaign. There are lots of ways to help out...

What we need:
Participants: Join the strike and close your commercial bank account.
Sign up at

People to organize support for this campaign at the local level. See how organizers have been debating at Contact for
organizing materials.

We are hoping to make a good source for critical information on the banking system, the financial
crisis, and alternatives to capitalist finance. Contact for more information.

This is a global effort; organizing efforts are underway
across the world in multiple languages.


Contact us:
For more information contact: or in North America in Europe

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