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New anarchist articles from Southern Africa

category southern africa | anarchist movement | press release author Monday October 31, 2005 20:20author by Griffin - Zabalaza Books Report this post to the editors

The Zabalaza Books site has just been updated with a good number of substantial new articles.

South Africa: New Anarcho-Lit. from Zabalaza Books -

Friends & comrades, The Zabalaza Books site has just been updated with the following literature...
- Five Waves: A Brief Global History of Revolutionary Anarchist Communist Mass Organisational Theory & Practice by Michael Schmidt (ZACF).
- A Day Mournful and Overcast... by an “Uncontrollable” from the Iron Column.
- Class War, Reaction & the Italian Anarchists: A Study of the Italian Anarchist Movement in the First Quarter of the 20th Century by Adriana Dadà (FdCA).
AFRICAN RESISTANCE HISTORY SERIES (NEW SECTION!!!) - Reflections on the Black Consciousness Movement and the South African Revolution by Selby Semela, Sam Thompson & Norman Abraham with an introduction by Michael Schmidt of the ZACF
- Against Education: For the Abolition of School
PRACTICAL ORGANISING MANUALS SECTION: - Anarchist Agitation & Community Building by Ronald A. Young
- Beyond the Undifferentiated Mass: Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners by P. Bowman
- Anarchism & The Platformist Tradition - A Guide to Community Organising / Door Knocking Tips - What is Anarchist Feminism? Do we need a Feminist Consciousness? by Anna Aniston
They can be accessed from:
The Downloads pages:
or the Latest Updates page (faster loading):
Subscribe to the list (if you're not already) for announcements when new literature is added by sending an email to: Saludos Companer@s, Griffin on behalf of Zabalaza Books
Ps. Please forward this text to anyone you think may be interested.
Email: zababooks(A) Website:

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