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Solidarity Callout - Domino's Pizza Drivers Dispute

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September 15, 2012 north american Day of Solidarity with Aussie Dominos Pizza Drivers.

Dear friends:

The Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA), in solidarity with the Australian General Transport Workers Association and the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation-IWA, is appealing to you and your members to support the delivery drivers employed by Domino's Pizza Enterprises in Australia.

The Domino's drivers have been engaged in a dispute with management since 9th of April. The key issue in this struggle has been an overnight 19% wage reduction. Meanwhile, the drivers have been sold out by their current union, the SDA, which has done nothing to fight the cuts. The GTWA and the ASF-IWA are calling for an International Day of Solidarity with the Domino's Drivers on Saturday, September 15, 2012.

The aim of the Day is to alert Domino's management that workers and members of the community in North America and elsewhere stand in solidarity with the Australian delivery drivers in their struggle against the wage cut and in support of their right to organize under the banner of the General Transport Workers Association (GTWA). The GWTA Facebook page can be viewed here:

The Australian friends are asking that folks engage in informational picketing, informational leafleting and other peaceful activities aimed at informing local management and workers about the Australian dispute. It is hoped that the local stores will report to corporate headquarters about the informational activities and this would put pressure on the company.

The goal is informational actions with the main point to have Domino's restore the 19% wage reduction and recognize the GWTA as the drivers union. Please contact us if you are interested in participating with us in a coordinated effort to support the Brisbane and Adelaide drivers.

We can be reached at: dominosworkersolidarity[AT]

Our campaign has also set-up a Face Book page:

We look forward to your positive reply and cooperatively working together to make this Domino's Drivers Solidarity Day a success here in North America.

Yours in solidarity,
Workers Solidarity Alliance

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GTWA (ASF) vs Domino's, the one dollar pay off.
via :

GTWA (ASF) vs Domino's, the one dollar pay off.rise as a result of the pressure placed on them to come to an agreement, THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Many drivers see this as the pay off, a guarantee that the hearing would result as just as it did in saving Domino’s $2.67 p/h at the expense of the drivers and no requirement to come to any agreement by Fair Work Australia.

Within 2 days of the F24 (termination of the old agreement) being submitted, the SDA and Domino’s pre-determined the outcome of the hearing at a back door meeting on the 22/5/12 as testified by Joe De Bruyn at the hearing.

Why did they not simply inform the FWA of the withdrawal of the F24 immediately?

Why waste everyones time, including tax-payers money, in waiting until the hearing to wave around a measly $1 increase to convince the FWA that negotiations are continuing?

Neither SDA nor Dominos had the decency to advise the drivers that this deal had been made prior to the hearing and that the drivers were not even consulted prior to this agreement being made.

$1 is simply not good enough Domino’s. This will not end until wages are reinstated. You have our terms.

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author by Dominos Workers Solidaritypublication date Fri Sep 14, 2012 08:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

For the latest north american events and news in support of the Aussie Dominos drivers visit our FB Page: .... and organize an event in your town or city!

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Domino's Pizza at War With Its Franchisees

The relationship between the number one home delivered pizza company in France and a great number of its Restaurant Managers grouped in an Association remains tense, regardless of some recent signs of appeasement.

The atmosphere is not always festive. In spite of an agreement reached at the end of November, the relationship remains more than tense between Domino's Pizza (DPF), France's number one take-away and home-delivered pizza company, and the Pepperoni association, which gathers together 180 of the country's 203 franchise DPF restaurants. For ten months now, the franchisee and the franchisors have been at war, with the franchisors very much up in arms against the parent company to which they automatically pay over 40% of their turnover sales in the form of royalties and various fees. And in spite of a first few signs of appeasement, numerous disagreements remain between them.

"We believe in our product, we believe in the brand. For my part, I have been linked to it for nearly 20 years! But it had become urgent to find solutions together with DPF... because otherwise we were heading straight for the wall!". So says Kamel Boulhalid, the President of Pepperoni. For him, the most important Domino's Pizza franchisee, with his 1163 salaried personnel in 40 restaurants (the French restaurants employ more than 3,600, with an average of approximately 18 persons per restaurant) "it was vital to find a new equitable and sustainable financial equilibrium between the franchisees and DPF. There must be a system in place whereby the franchisees have some chance to make a 3 to 4% margin. The Pepperoni Association will keep a watchful eye on the maintenance of some equilibrium between the franchisor and the franchisees.

Others are less upbeat than Kamel Boulhalid. "It is high time for action. We must cease to feed that ogre DPF", a rebellious franchisee calls out. "My circumstances are desperate. I will soon have to file for bankruptcy, or I will be bought out cheaply, like several before me. How much is my life worth? Will I attempt suicide, like those two other Franchise managers? Domino's Pizza France only impoverishes its franchisees to eventually buy them out", as another franchisee views it. As a matter of fact, in the last few months, DPF has indeed bought back collapsing franchise restaurants in Béziers, Castres, Fréjus, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Lens ou Liévin.

But what is it that bonds these franchisees to the DPF "ogre"? It is a Franchise Agreement that le Nouvel Observateur has been able to consult. It stipulates (in eighteen clauses and over more than fifty pages) that all food components - called "the food" in DPF jargon - as well as all the equipment, must be purchased exclusively from DPF. ""Every aspect of the business is dictated to us: not only the food purchase and selling price, but also how to make pizza, how to dress, how to greet customers. Sometimes I feel as if I have joined a sect", observes a disillusioned franchisee, smiling sadly. Yet another asks himself, "Am I so stupid as to believe that all will be well when the competition has disappeared?!"

The competition has for years taken its grievances before the Courts, denouncing what could be viewed as Domino's Pizza France's "strategy", namely to facilitate the indebtedness of the franchisees by permitting them not to pay what they owe to DPF as and when their bills fall due. This strategy allows for savings in the short and middle term for the DPF franchisees. But in actual fact it allows the eradication of the competition since the competitors cannot afford to sell at a loss, which in any case is illegal. On the other hand, in the long run, one outcome is the inextricable financial dependency on DPF of the franchisee. This dependency reaches such a level that it may translate in the franchisee being obliged to open a new restaurant ... in exchange for some "debt forgiveness" and an undertaking on their part "not to engage in any litigation against DPF (...) as well as to refrain from denigrating the network or the brand". A franchise manager so indebted for over 1 Million Euros exclaims: "At no time would I have imagined that my adversary would be DPF!"

In April 2011, the General Directorate for Competition, Consumers and the Suppression of Frauds (Direction générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes ("DGCCRF")) duly established reports over the DPF network and issued a dozen fines for DPF's "failures to respect the regulations in relation to billing", as well as for "non-respect of the observation of payment times". But the Stock Exchange price of DPF remains unaffected by these warnings and these actual practical defects. In fact, quite the contrary since the Stock Exchange price makes steady progress. "It feels like an injustice to be so ill-used by DPF which only aims to shine on the Stock Exchange when in the meantime they are literally leaving us for dead", says virulently Gilles Bourbiguot, who heads the Domino's Pizza franchises in Toulouse. This accomplished car sportsman is presently facing DPF in the Courts, before the 19th Chamber. He adds, "the DPF system is very effective even if it consists in manipulating prime franchisees into investing in an unprofitable model. But DPF in effect voids our contract with them by manipulating us into financial and stock-market transactions that are quite beyond us". Just like Gilles Bourbiguot, half a dozen franchisees are now before the court, hoping that the 19th Chamber will validate and assert their rights.

When interviewed by le Nouvel Observateur, Mélanie Farcot-Gigon, the President of Domino's Pizza France, was emphatic: "the franchisees are what make the enterprise strong, we have many exchanges and we are real partners". If we are to believe her, what her predecessor wrote in 2004 is still valid today: "(dear franchisees), we will accomplish what others have never achieved: we will be the best. In a few years time we will look back with a smile on our face".

Denis Boulard
Journalist at Le Nouvel Observateur

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