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US neonazis question Golden Dawn MP's 'race'

category greece / turkey / cyprus | anti-fascism | news report author Sunday August 11, 2013 17:15author by glykosymoritis Report this post to the editors

MP of the Greek parliament Ilias Kasidiaris was photographed recently sporting a tattoo of a swastika and ancient Greek helmet on his arm.


Supremacists doubt whether Ilias Kasidaris is 'white'

Ilias Kasidiaris, a leading member of Golden Dawn, has come in for some racial profiling from fellow neonazis on Stormfront, a US-based hate site.
He's a member of a party that from the tribune of the Greek parliament has referred to people from certain countries as "subhumans" and that believes that Greek blood has distinct qualities.
But now Ilias Kasidiaris, a leading member of Golden Dawn who gained international notoriety after he violently assaulted a woman MP live in studio, has come in for some "racial" analysis by fellow neonazis on a US-based hate site.
For the past few days, contributors to Stormfront (warning: offensive website), described on Wikipedia as a white nationalist and supremacist neonazi internet forum that was the internet's first major hate site, have been debating whether Kasidiaris is "white".

Many forum members, relying on the pseudoscience that is racism, disagree that he is. This is what they had to say:
* Is he a white European?
* He has some African admixture
* He doesn't appear to have typical Greek or European features
* He looks like a typical lighter Brazilian mulatto
* He looks as though he has some negroid blood in him, I wouldn't count him as white
* He could possibly have a Gypsy or Turk in the woodpile
* He could pass for a northern African Berber and … an Egyptian Arab
* His looks are north African
* I wouldn't want somebody who looked like him marrying any of the women in my family
* He's not white, not a chance. If he's white then most of Lebanese, Syrians or other "Arabs" are white
* The guy has that funny Hugo Chavez look that people from South America have

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