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States and reactionary forces: hands off the Syrian revolution

category machrek / arabie / irak | impérialisme / guerre | communiqué de presse author Wednesday September 11, 2013 13:17author by Relations Internationales de la CGA - Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes Report this post to the editors

Policy statement of the Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes (France) on the situation in Syria. [Français]

States and reactionary forces: hands off the Syrian revolution

Since March 2011, a revolutionnary process has been going on in Syria. The people rose up against the bloody fascist regime of Bashar al-Assad and the Ba'ath Party. Neither an "imperialist plot", an "islamist plot" nor a "Zionist plot", this popular revolution was a part of the global uprising against capitalism, for justice and freedom, that aroused the exploited and the oppressed from Egypt to China, from Russia to Turkey, from Europe to Brazil and from Tunisia to Syria.

Brutal repression by the "secular" facist regime

This uprising faced brutal repression by a regime that played the card of religious sectarianism while fraudulently portraying itself as the "protector of minorities", a regime that slaughtered its opponents, both adults and children. The regime received support from the religious-fascist regime of Iran, and from Russian imperialism. This repression led to the militarisation of an uprising that was initially pacifist, on the grounds of self defence.

Instrumentalization by competing imperialism

As in every revolutionary process, some forces, aliens to its goals, tried to instrumentalise it in order to put forward an agenda that had nothing to do with the will of freedom and equality of the uprisen Syrian people.

The revolutionary process was thus faced, on the occasion of this militarization, with an internal counter-revolution: some reactionary and religious-fascist movements, funded, armed and supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey but also by Saudi billionaires, have consistently sought to hijack the revolutionary process in order to make it part of a regional politico-religious war between Shia religious fascism and Sunni religious fascism.

These movements have a military advantage over secular revolutionary Syrian through their role as assets and clients of fascist religious regimes and Western imperialists, a military advantage they use in order to seize the revolutionary dynamic. Behaving like true feudal warlords controlling areas through terror, they do not hesitate to open the way to the regime's military force against cash payment. They also play the role of the sword arm of the Turkish State against the Kurdish movement, slaughtering and raping on demand, as a part of a regional war against the Kurdish people.

External and internal counter-revolution: States and religious fascists united agaisnt the Kurdish and Arab people

The Kurdish area of Syria, meanwhile, is characterised by a specific revolutionary process, as a part of the will of the Kurdish popular movement for regional autonomy, opposed to the regime, but refusing to sacrifice the Kurdish cause to the Arab nationalism of Syrian nationalist ideologies. This will for autonomy led to it being confronted both by the regime and by islamists and nationalist reactionaries, who both refuse this third way for different reasons.

France has maintained for a long time close relationships with the Syrian regime. With the United States and their allies in the region, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel, it ended up openly supporting the religious-fascist counter-revolution. The Syrian popular and revolutionary movement, secular in its very essence, is on the other hand voluntarily isolated by all of these forces: its goal, the Syrian people's self-determination, is as a matter of fact totally alien to the interested competing imperialists who are facing each other off on this ground. 

Both Religious fascists and the regime are over-armed: the people are disarmed

The weapon are flowing on the side of religious reactionaries and on the side of the clients of the SNC puppets, through the Western, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari States. They are also flowing on the side of the regime, supported by Iran, China and Russia.

The Syrian people and the secular revolutionaries are the only ones, meanwhile, to be deprived of weapons because the worst nightmare of both competing imperialists camp is that they get the means to defend themselves, both against the regime and against the religious-fascist and imperialist predators who are trying to confiscate their [the Syrian people's] revolution.

A counter-revolutionary intervention

The recent military success of the regime, favoured by this undermining policy led by reactionary and religious-fascist takfirists, assets of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, by the assets of Western States, and also by Iranian and Russian support, has led Western States and their allies in the Middle East to consider military intervention: their goal has nothing to do with "protecting the Syrian people", as they declare but it has everything to do with their instrumentalization of the conflict as a part of the regional war.

This intervention would be a new step in the attempt to regain control of the revolutionary process, and in its instrumentalization for regional geopolitical stakes.

The Syrian people aiming for freedom, are caught between a rock and a hard place. Since the beginning of the revolutionary process they have opposed any external intervention by a large majority, asking only for the means to defend themselves.

These means have always been denied, on the excuse that "we don't know in whose hands the weapons will fall". Yet, the hands of the religious fascists are full of weapons, as well as the hands of the regime. Here we can see all the hypocrisy of the Western regimes, the fate of the Syrian people being the last of their concerns.

Our side, the popular side, the one of freedom against all States

Supporting the Syrian popular movement, refusing all the interventions and the fascist-religious counter-revolution: this is the huge task thats falls to the workers, especially in the States that are leading the counter-revolution, either by supporting the regime, or by supporting reactionary forces that aim to establish a new domination at the expense of the people.

In France, Russia, Iran, the United States, Turkey and Israel, our voices must rise up:

Take your bloody hands off the Syrian revolution!

Neither religious fascism, nor "secular" fascism:

Support the secular revolutionaries, both Arabs and Kurds.
No to the bombings - weapons for the Syrian people's popular self-defence!

International Relations Secretariat
Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes, France

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