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Popular mobilization completely paralyzes Gamonal boulevard

category iberia | lotte sul territorio | comunicato stampa author Sunday January 19, 2014 15:16author by Confederación General del Trabajo - CGT Report this post to the editors

The CGT denounces the fact that citizen action against the decision of a mayor has been met with government repression and police violence. [Castellano]


Popular mobilization completely paralyzes Gamonal boulevard

The Confederación General del Trabajo welcomes the permanent cessation of work on the Gamonal Boulevard. The union believes that the unity and struggle of the residents of the neighbourhood together with support on the streets from thousands of people from around the Spanish State have been responsible for the cessation of a project which is marked by speculation and megalomania.

The CGT denounces the fact that citizen action against the decision of a mayor has been met with government repression and police violence. The union condemns the disproportionate intervention, arbitrary arrests, batonings, the firing of rubber bullets and sound grenades, the counter-riot that caused dozens of injuries and arrests during the citizen protests held in Alicante, Burgos, Barcelona, ​​Granada, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, and elsewhere, as well as the hindrances put in place against the right to information and especially the particular treatment reserved for young people.

The CGT union denounces the gross criminalization of "infiltrators, itinerant violent types", which has been carried on by the Ministry of the Interior against the just protest of a neighbourhood that is tired of putting up with the anti-social actions of various governments.

The CGT declares that the "Gamonal effect" has shown escalating repression by the government, which demonstrates a pattern of arrogance on the part of an authoritarian State devoid of any sense of reality, of proportion, of responsibility, contravening fundamental rights such as the freedom of expression and the right to protest.

The CGT demands an end to this State violence, the dropping of all charges against all those who are victims of the reprisals and the immediate release without charge of detainees.

The Government must be clear that the workers, the young, the socially excluded social groups, the evicted, the unemployed... trade unions and social organizations, who want to live in a world of social justice and freedom, will not compromise on their commitment not to pay for its crisis, not to pay for its debt, not to lose their rights and freedoms, not to accept its speculative and exploitative model... and for that they will remain mobilized, calling demonstrations and struggling.


Translation by FdCA -International Relations Office

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