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Solidarity with the Boiketlong 4 from Uruguay

category southern africa | repression / prisoners | press release author Wednesday August 16, 2017 08:41author by Resistencia Obrero Estudiantil - ROEauthor email sifuna.zonke at gmail dot com Report this post to the editors

Faced with the repression that is unleashed against the South African people, from Uruguay we demand justice and the immediate freedom for the comrades of Boiketlong and the immediate appearance of Papi Tobias alive, of course.

We hold the South African government responsible for the lives and physical integrity of our comrades and demand the cessation of repression of the South African people’s movement, which remind us of the darkest years of apartheid and the military dictatorships that ravaged the Southern Cone of America.

In several areas of the world, the criminalization of poverty and protest is increasing as neo-liberal policies that condemnmillions of human beings to hunger and despair. In Africa and Latin America, the Resistance lives and develops itself in the struggle of the people !!

Justice for our comrades !!
Down with repression !!
Arriba los que luchan!!

(ROE – Resistencia Obrero Estudiantil, Student-Worker Resistance)

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