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High Schoolers Distributing Leaflets Against ‘Torture Custodies by Police’ Were Taken Into Custody

category greece / turkey / cyprus | education | news report author Montag Dezember 24, 2018 05:00author by Medyanhaber - Seninmedyanauthor email seninmedyan at gmail dot com Report this post to the editors

High schoolers,which made action against school reports and exams in June with the statement, “School reports are yours, future is ours!”, were taken into custody with torture.


High schoolers,which made action against school reports and exams in June with the statement, “School reports are yours, future is ours!”, were taken into custody with torture.

High schoolers who were distributing declaration leaflets in Kadıköy Khalkedon Square for the trial on December 25, Tuesday at Kartal Anadolu Courthouse, were again taken into custody by police with torture.

The riot police which provoked and tried to prevent the distribution of declaration leaflets, attacked under the pretext of ‘pictures showing police torture’. During the attack, took 10 high schoolers into custody, including from Highschool Anarchist Action(LAF).

The police didn’t let any lawyer to enter the police station untill they left for hospital controls. Lawyers were only be able to talk with them during testify. Lots of people were waiting outside for solidarity before and after testify procedure.

When their testify was finished they were taken to hospital for last controls and released afterwards.

‘Highschool Anarchist Action’ announced that;

“Torture Once Again, Custody Once Again to High Scoolers

We, high schoolers who made action against school reports and exams in June 8 in Kadikoy, were taken into custody with torture. We came together at Kadıköy Khalkedon Square to distribute declaration leaflets calling for the trial on December 25. While we were distributing our leaflets as high school youth organisations with “Judge Torturers, Not Highschoolers” banner, police attacked and took into custody more than 10 of our friends.

We high schoolers will continue to be on the streets against police torture and state oppression. We will continue to expose the police who torture us. They will not be able to silence our voice which they try to suppress!

We are calling everyone to Kartal Anadolu Courthouse C Door on December 25, 9.00 to grow solidarity.

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So 25 Okt, 09:48

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