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South America on fire Dez 23 19 by Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group (MACG)

Trespass 3

category international | community struggles | other libertarian press author Donnerstag Januar 03, 2019 23:45author by Trespass - Trespass Report this post to the editors

New issue of the open source online journal about squatting

In this issue, which is online and freely distributed, you’ll find a translation from English to Dutch of a journal article about how a moral panic was generated to enforce the criminalisation of squatting in the Netherlands and a translation to French of a brief text about migration on Idomeni in Greece, near to Macedonia, which was previously published in Trespass 2 in Italian. As interventions in five languages, we have an analysis of the lack of support to the ZAD in Brittany, plus short pieces about the opening of a new anarchist social centre in the Paris suburbs, community resistance to preserve a park in London, the demolition of a community gym in Athens, an (unsuccessful) eviction threat in Catania, and an eviction in Catalonia. And a report on the resquat of the watertower in Utrecht! There’s plenty more news and analysis on this website.

We’re glad to finally present Issue 3 of Trespass Journal!

The language diversity contained in this issue mirrors the commitment we have been putting in towards overcoming the dominance of the English language and creating a journal that goes beyond borders. We’ve also been updating the blog in different languages. HOWEVER as you will no doubt have noticed, this introduction is only in English and we are sorry for that. We can only do so much, and this issue was already very overdue … to translate it into Catalan, Spanish, Dutch and French is too much work.

You’ll notice that this issue we have no peer-reviewed articles, something that leaves us wondering why the journal hasn’t been able to attract more deeper analysis. Of course these pieces take longer to write. Maybe this is something people are not interested in? Yet we hear the conversations around us every day and hope people are motivated to submit for issue 4. Feel free to join in! But then again, recent shitty experiences lead us to clarify that this journal won’t be publishing career-oriented academic texts.

To continue further, the activist / academic divide is an interesting one, since it is not uncommon to violently denounce those professors detached from reality up in their ivory towers parasiting on social movements for their own cultural capital gains, whilst everyone hates the activist who guards their own special shiny truth and tells everyone else they are wrong, normally because they are younger. Although academic debates might be easy to dismiss for those who are alien to it, its dire consequences can be observed in many places, might it be the ZAD of NDDL, the scene in Barcelona, etc. Dissent being silenced by middle class politics.

Academics play a crucial role in this, with progressive bureaucrats eager to write their latest book or phd candidates being paid 3,000 euros a month to study deprivation… What we are seeing is the standard colonial dynamic, which is pretty fucking ironic considering the current academic trend to talk about the commons. Meanwhile, most people actually exist somewhere in the middle of this bullshit dichotomy, engaged in the university as a way to make money but also going on demos, or having a heated discussion about Foucault’s relevance or not for the Arab Spring whilst sitting in a squatted social centre. Besides being involved in local and transnational struggles, we ourselves write academic articles sometimes and see it as part of the struggle (whilst constantly interrogating ourselves as to whether our work is actually useful to movements or not).

Last but not least, we’re still gloriously unconcerned about graphic design and will continue to place our energy on providing quality content. People have offered to make “nicer” issues, but then they flake. Nevertheless, we’ll be happy to get support to improve whatever could be enhanced, just let us know.

Enjoy the issue and submit something for issue 4!

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George Floyd: one death too many in the “land of the free”

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textIsraeli sabotage results in Irish ship MV Saoirse withdrawing from Freedom Flotilla 22:21 Mi 06 Jul by Gregor Kerr 0 comments

Attempts by the Israeli government to sabotage the International ‘Stay Human’ Freedom Flotilla to Gaza have resulted in 2 ships – the Greek-Swedish Juliano and the Irish-owned MV Saoirse – having to withdraw from the Flotilla following damage to both. An emergency demonstration was held at the Spire in Dublin Thursday 30 June to protest the sabotage, see the pictures below.

banner_bilin3.jpg imageBil'in village (West Bank) has commenced legal proceedings against two Canadians companies 09:16 Do 10 Jul by Bil'in village 0 comments

The Village of Bil’in, in the West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territories, announced today that it has commenced legal proceedings in Canada against two Canadian Companies for committing war crimes. The case has been filed in the Quebec Superior Court sitting at Montreal, Canada. A full copy of the claim is attached.

textWaiting for Hector 16:27 Mo 24 Mär by Ramor ryan 0 comments

Why would anybody camp by the side of a busy road? Why would anybody camp by the side of a busy road sheltered only by rough structures made from palm tree fronds in the punishing tropical heat and torrential downpours? And why would anyone do it for four long years?

imageSouth America on fire Dez 23 by Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group (MACG) 0 comments

Finally, it is necessary to recognise there is no conflict between these two tasks. Indeed, the first is a precondition of the second. Anarchists organised on the basis of Especifismo need to be propagandising ceaselessly, in Chile and wherever else is is practical, for workers to form mass organs of workers’ democracy and to turn away from Parliamentary roads that can only lead to defeat or from political parties which seek power only for themselves, not the workers. Only the revolutionary abolition of capitalism can solve South America’s pressing crisis and only Anarchist Communism, Especifismo, can light the way to that revolution.

imageWhat can we learn from the recent protests? Nov 14 by Zaher Baher 0 comments

This article is about the protests in general and the current one, it covers the common things and the weaknesses points between them. It also gives some suggestions how we can avoid these weaknesses to gain our goals.

textThe Kurdish people should get involved in and support campaigns on Local and National issues Nov 01 by Zaher Baher 0 comments

This article explains the problems that the ethnic minorities are facing and who is their common enemy. This article particularly concentrates on Kurdish diaspora who lives in Europe, US and other countries; it provides evidence that the Kurdish diaspora faces the same problems as the native people in the host country. Despite being facing the same problems or sometimes even more so, but they still do not involve themselves in the local and national campaigns.

The article points at the reasons that may contribute to the cause of not involving the campaigns.

imageAnother World is Possible - But How Can We Get There? Aug 11 by A member of MACG 0 comments

Another World is Possible – But How Can We Get There?
This is the text of a presentation given by a MACG member during a debate on the class struggle approach to Anarchism held at the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 8 August 2015. It was delivered almost verbatim.

imageInterview about Rojava – Topics for Debate: Questions about the Strategic Scope Mär 03 by BrunoL 1 comments

Posted on February 27, 2015 – Bruno Lima Rocha

[Editor’s Note, Conjuncture Magazine: A dear friend and supporter of ours from Brazil, Dr. Bruno Lima Rocha, established contact with a series of organizations involved in the social revolution taking place in Kurdistan. Mainstream media sources have largely failed to cover the social process, though news have been able to break the radio silence. This is the second internview we publish in this series

It should also be said that minor grammatical errors were corrected (as neither participant in the interview is native to English). But most is left in the original form, for fear of losing accuarcy.]

more >>

imageBil'in village (West Bank) has commenced legal proceedings against two Canadians companies Jul 10 0 comments

The Village of Bil’in, in the West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territories, announced today that it has commenced legal proceedings in Canada against two Canadian Companies for committing war crimes. The case has been filed in the Quebec Superior Court sitting at Montreal, Canada. A full copy of the claim is attached.

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