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Hungary: Barikád Kollektíva analyse the current situation

category hungary / romania | community struggles | opinion / analysis author Wednesday September 27, 2006 21:17author by Barikád Kollektíva - (Barricade Collective)author email shmintaka at yahoo dot com Report this post to the editors


An analysis by the Hungarian Barikád Kollektíva (Barricade Collective) on the recent events in Hungary following prime minister Gurcsány's admissions of lying and the subsequent riots.


The left-wing-liberal bourgeoisie have continued the chess game with a wrong move. The prime minister's confession, made in May at a meeting of the MSZP faction (Hungarian Socialist Party) was published, in which he announced that his party had won the elections through lies and that it was time they engaged in frank and fully responsible politics. Previously they had communicated much better data about the Hungarian economics than the real situation was. In our previous text entitled Spend your blood! we described the "new" exploiting measures of the government. Some of them have already become operative, others will be implemented in the near future. But we have to clarify why the social democrat-liberal bloc is being forced to take these steps.

The Gurcsány government had wanted to delude us that their economic policy was sustainable while they had been opposed to the general capitalist trend. In recent years they had increased wages, given an extra month's old-age pension per year, made the living wage tax-free, subsidised enterprises (for example the BKV-Budapest Transport Company and MÁV-Hungarian State Railway ... we have to go work somehow after all!) which were operating with deficits. The government had been playing at being a welfare state whereas, due to the pressure of international movements of capital, they should have been taking the opposite measures. The national deficit is estimated at over 20,000 billion forints, which is 60% of the Hungarian GDP. The budget deficit is more than 10% of the Hungarian GDP and in this way the bourgeoisie in Hungary cannot join the Euro-zone nor get financial support from the EU. The MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party) wanted to win the elections and seemingly wanted to answer to the working class too, and thus they ran into debt. So-called "welfare functions" add up to 60% of the budget and the state operational expenses add up to 12%. But till the elections they were croaking that the level of the budget deficit was acceptable.

Then the "penitent" confession arrived like a bolt from the blue. The government has to implement restrictions in order to find more money, so they have to explain to the working class why they are going to rot our lives. The right-wing opposition, which flirts directly with the fascists, had based its strategy on the economic data provided by the government and had promised Canaan. So they lied just as their social democrat counterpart. We do not moralize on the dirty practices of the bourgeoisie, because we think that falsification, lies and manipulation are basic instruments of the ruling class, requirements of bourgeois class terror. The bourgeoisie, however, were taken short by the reaction of the mass, because they believed the mass to be totally acclimatized to the bipolar political régime. It is evident that this is only a half-truth, so their consciousness-industry is not effective enough. We can see that neither the government nor the opposition expected that the wave of discontent would in part sweep over them. In recent decades, the bourgeoisie and its organizations had become very confident, their dirty democracy had cradled the working class and had outlawed social struggle, direct conflicts with the power from the streets. They had considered the working class in Hungary to be totally idiot and had presumed that the exploited would accept all the lies that were told in their fancy house, the parliament.

The democrats of the oppostion seemingly condemn the bloody events in the streets, but in secret they back the revolters, who are usually fired up by fascist organizations like Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom (Movement for Right Hungary), 64 Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom (64 Hundreds Youth Movement). On the other hand, they got frightened because they lost control over the right-wing mass and the result led to struggles between the fascists and the state. The voice of the real class struggle is dampened by the nostalgic nationalism of the Székely-hymn and for the present the outlet of exploitation is dissolving into pseudo-revolutionary nationalist comedy. Fascism is using those members of the working class who are demanding an immediate change of régime/power to lengthen the counter-revolutionary period. Pseudo-Mussolinis are roaring their speeches. The people don't reject them but neither do they identify themselves totally with these spokesmen. Thousands of people demonstrated, but there were serious street fights with the police only on Monday and Tuesday. By now, only the reformist demands of the trade unions, the democratic demonstrations of the student self-government and the actual nationalist-fascist events answered the present situation - while the exploited people are in the streets after all. On the other hand it is conspicuous that there are no social demands, protest voices at all, thus the conflict deflects from direct exploitation and only focuses on the clash between the government and the opposition. The demonstrators have declared that they would use roadblocks and civil disobedience to exert an influence on the government.

Parts of Ferenc Gyurcsány's cretinous, "penitent", but denunciative confession was published on 17th September. Later the whole speech was published. On that day the mass started to demonstrate in front of the parliament with their national clouts and were shouting slogans referring to the speech of the prostitute of capital with some changes: "You fucked up! You fucked up!". Then they demanded the resignation of the government: "Gyurcsány go!". There were other demands, too: "Change of régime!", "Resign!", "Down with the Trianon peace treaty!". Some people from the mass went to the offices of the state television and wanted to advertise their demands. The mass, directed by boneheads (fascist skinheads), laid siege to the building. Various groups of football hooligans, who are usually irreconcilable enemies, united their strength. They inveighed against Jews and most of the people shouted together: "Down with the Trianon peace treaty!", "Down with the Trianon peace treaty!". The singing of the national anthem, nationalist slogans from the 1956 revolution and national flags marked these events. There were a lot of Hungarist flags with the colours of the House of Árpád (the crest of the first Hungarian dynasty, later used by Hungarian nazis in the time of World War II). Nearby, demonstrators damaged the Soviet memorial too. They were not monolithic, because some of them observed that it should not be done. The police were totally unprepared, standing blankly and trying to defend the offices of the state television, but they were not able to arrest the fuglemen. They were not so full-mouthed as usually, because they were not superior in numbers.

If there were pure class struggle in the streets, the fascists would fight united with the police against us! It's a civil war in the literal sense of the word. The voice of class struggle is dampened, while one stratum of the working class is striking and propping up the walls of alienation. The nationalism of self-confining mixes the fascist with the right-wing mass who could recognize the manipulation of the bourgeoisie and would become conscious of their proletarian existence. Now they only maintain capitalism, because they are taken in by politics and media manipulation and they take the nationalist myths as a basis instead of their injured life. They still believe in the opposition, which only wants to govern and exploit us just as the social democrats do. They can achieve it only by the legal voting of the mass. Nevertheless, the first three floors of the television offices were looted. Not only by fascists, but by homeless people, old ladies, students, punks, Roma. They whacked up the loot taken from the smashed buffet, cigarettes, coolers became free of charge. The looting was done mostly by the poor, since it's the tradition of the proletariat, not of the counter-revolution. The spirit of the revolution shot through the nationalist night in this way at least. Several policemen were injured but finally things settled down again.

The next day, Tuesday, the revolters, led by fascist groups, attacked police at Blaha Lujza square. One of their targets was the office of the MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party). Their slogans were: "Traitors!", "Ry-Ry, Hungary!". The police were more alert; there were a lot of riot squads ready for action. They started to arrest the revolters using TV recordings and photos. The police atrocities were increasing; they attacked passive bystanders if they were bored. Meanwhile the student demonstration against the university tuition and the electoral gathering of the party in opposition, Fidesz (Alliance of Young Democrats), were postponed. By day hundreds of people, but at night thousands of people have been demonstrating against the government. They are demanding conventional assembly and new elections. There are demonstrations in the country towns, too, for example in Szeged, Miskolc, Debrecen, Szombathely, Gyor, Zalaegerszeg. On Wednesday there were fewer revolters in the streets and the police were in superior numbers. Around 150 revolters were arrested, and 500 people are still being looked for. There have been several injuries, 138 of whom are policemen.

The politicians and the media are continue to manipulate when they state that "anarchist ragbags" are rampaging through the streets. The fascists, their own bourgeoisie behind them, have come alive. They are spreading illusions about 1956 because they want to expropriate the heritage of the communist revolution in order to make it out as a nationalist event. They are shouting their slogans with this in view. The right-wing politician and the "heaven-born peoples" are hoping together for the promising future of the nation while the government and the opposition continue with their electoral campaign. The situation has livened up, there remains no more but to awaken the proletariat during the "nights of the long knives"...

Barikád Kollektíva
(Barricade Collective)

September 2006

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