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Germany: Protest against the management of hospital in Hanover

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On March 14th, about 20 members of various unions – ver.di (union of public and private services), DGB-Ortskartell Lehrte (a local group of German Trade Union Organization) and Freie ArbeiterInnen Union Hannover (FAU) – protested in Hannover´s city against the behaviour of the management of Klinikum Wahrendorff GmbH.

Not the real thing: protest against the management of hospital in Hannover

From the Hanover Local of the Free Workers Union (FAU):


On March 14th, about 20 members of various unions – ver.di (union of public and private services), DGB-Ortskartell Lehrte (a local group of German Trade Union Organization) and Freie ArbeiterInnen Union Hannover (FAU) – protested in Hannover´s city against the behaviour of the management of Klinikum Wahrendorff GmbH.

The hospital in Sehnde-Ilten (near Hannover) is one of the biggest private psychiatric hospitals in Europe. The care for 277 patients in an emergency area and 680 mentally ill inhabitants in a housing area is provided by 785 employees. For years the management is trying to cut down the rights of the employees, attacks organizing efforts being made by unionists and also tries to get combative union representatives out of the company by all means. Since 1994 official representatives are regularly facing attempts to fire them.
Now, the workers representation council, elected one year ago, has to deal with 10 proceedings before labor court of justice to obtain immediate dismissals of four of them and also three requests of expulsion from the workers council. These people are members of the ver.di-list, a union which participates in representative elections.
The organization of the employees by the unions is undesired. Some rather reserved attempts made by ver.di-functionaries led to nothing. There are efforts being made to activate the large number of ver.di-members in the company by the few ver.di-unionists, who want to fight back, but sadly not much developed. The atmosphere at the workplace is poisoned with fear. Discontent is big, but many employees don´t dare to fight against their working conditions and the payments. Most of them delegate their own responsibility to the representatives in the workers council.

The protest took place in front of the hotel Luisenhof in Hannover, where the management had invited for the 3rd annual general meeting. The unionists and syndicalists being present there, asked the management of the hospital to stop immediately its attacks against union representatives and to accept that employees make use of the existing union rights.
Beside this the management shall give a profound statement concerning the workers council´s report about “the present economic situation of the hospital Wahrendorff GmbH 2006”. The reply to this report fell due more than eight months ago.
By now the management even failed to give a balance for 2005.

Beside some hospital employees also the leader of the FDP (Liberal Party) in Niedersachsen and at the same time leader of the FDP´s parliamentary group, Mr Phillip Rössler, was invited to hold a speech. Around 75 guests, including leaders of emergency and housing units as well as principal doctors, followed the invitation to this meeting.

Nandor Pouget

Gewerkschaft Gesundheitsberufe (GGB) - [Syndicate of Health Service]
c/o Freie ArbeiterInnen Union (FAU-IAA) -
[Free Workers Union – International Workers Association]
Anarcho-syndicalist union
Local Federation Hannover
Kornstrasse 28-30
30167 Hannover


Dear comrades,

hereby we would like to ask for support in the conflict with management of the Hospital Wahrendorff GmbH, a big psychiatric hospital near Hannover.

For more informations please look up the background article:

We now want to rise the pressure and therefore ask you to send the following statement by fax or mail.
It would be great, if you could send it also in the BCC to us. (

Thanks a lot,
in charge of the Syndicate of Health Services – FAU Hannover


to the management: Fax: 00495132/902266 Fax: 00495132/902200

as copy (BCC) to the workers council (Betriebsrat): Fax: 00495132/902275
and to us:

Protest letter to the Hospital Wahrendorff GmbH management:

Dear Mr Wilkening and Mr Jeske,

We hereby strongly protest the behaviour of the management in its poor treatment of members of ver.di in your workers council in Klinikum Wahrendorff GmbH.

We took notice, that you don´t wish to have organized unions and union activities in your company. This obviously explains your actions against uncomfortable members of the workers council.

We therefore ask you to stop your activities against these members and for you to recind the dismissals and to accept the rights of your employees as well as the use of union rights in your company. We further demand that you provide the workers council access to all the informations, which it – authorized by law – needs to examine and judge the company´s situation.

We also expect you to take a position to the numbers put forward concerning the supposed and actual number of employees. If there should be any differences, then meet your obligations and provide the proper workplaces. The patients and employees have a right for this.

(name of your local group)

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