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amérique du nord / mexique / mouvement anarchiste Thursday July 30, 2009 21:16 by Ruptures
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Une nouvelle organisation au Québec: l'UCL

En mai 2009, à l'occasion du Salon du livre anarchiste, la toute nouvelle Union communiste libertaire (UCL) a sorti un numéro hors-série de la revue Ruptures. Ce numéro est dorénavant intégralement en ligne sur Anarkismo.

Vous trouverez ici l'éditorial et le sommaire de ce numéro de la revue.

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international / anarchist movement Wednesday July 22, 2009 20:26 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.
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It is not enough to have the "truth"...

A revolutionary programme is, in a few words, a set of very precise and concrete proposals to advance towards profound social transformations. It is not revolutionary theory, but the application of this theory in order to comprehend and change a concrete society. It departs from an analysis of the current society, studies the current conditions of the terrain for the class struggle, identifies the most urgent problems and the conditions to develop a movement; studies potential allies and enemies; and proposes a series of changes, as well as a way to reach them by means of struggle.

An article which discusses the anarchist programme from a revolutionary anarchist perspective. In it, the author analyses the need to make a qualitative shift from an anarchism which is restricted to propaganda circles, to an anarchism with the possibility of social transformation, putting forward a few basic considerations for the necessity of the development of revolutionary programmes in order to facilitate this shift.

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brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / movimento anarquista Friday July 17, 2009 22:36 by Li
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II Encontro Pró-Federação Anarquista de São Paulo

O coletivo Pró-Federação Anarquista de São Paulo convida a todas/os para participar do II Encontro Pró-Federação Anarquista de São Paulo, nos dias 18 e 19 de julho de 2009, na cidade de São Paulo.

O primeiro encontro ocorreu em julho de 2008, contando com 85 participantes, o que permitiu fortalecer a discussão da necessidade de construção de uma organização anarquista na cidade de São Paulo, tendo no modelo especifista sua base de organização.

E foi a partir deste encontro, que foi formado este coletivo com o objetivo de levar adiante esta discussão. Portanto, a proposta deste segundo encontro é de apresentar e discutir sobre as experiências do coletivo e os trabalhos realizados até o momento, e convidar novas/os companheiras/os à participação.

Nota Final, Documentos e Fotos

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international / anarchist movement Thursday June 25, 2009 19:16 by Wayne Price
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There are two main trends in anarchism, which agree on antistatism and anticapitalism and opposition to all oppression, but disagree on revolution, democracy, prefigurative politics, and class struggle.

It has been stated by various theorists that there are two main trends in modern anarchism. How they are conceptualized varies with the writer. I will state how I see the two broad tendencies in the anarchist movement, using the books Anarchy Alive! (Uri Gordon) and Black Flame (Micahel Schmidt & Lucien Van der Walt) to illustrate the two trends. I will describe them as differing on the issues of revolution or reformism, of democracy, of what “prefigurative politics” mean, and of attitudes toward the working class.

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international / anarchist movement Wednesday June 10, 2009 23:54 by James Pendlebury
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Anarchist Communists: a Question of Class

Anarchist Communists: a Question of Class is a theoretical position paper of the FdCA of Italy and a key contemporary exposition of the principles of anarchist communism – the principles of, among other organisations, the FdCA and southern Africa's ZACF. This critical review of Question of Class appeared in abridged form (for space reasons) in "Zabalaza" #10 (April 2009). The review is now published in full.

Anarchism is not an abstract ideal of freedom springing out of the brain of some intellectual. It is not a dream of utopia unconnected to reality. It is a movement of the exploited workers, beginning in their daily material struggles; and its history is marked by a sustained link between anarchist theory and the continuing struggles of mass working class movements.

This was the perspective of Mikhail Bakunin, the founding theorist of anarchism, whose revolutionary ideas grew out of his experience in the 19th century working class movement of the First International. It was the perspective of the Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists, drafted by Ukrainian and Russian anarchists in response to the defeat of the Russian Revolution by the Bolsheviks. It is the perspective taken by long-standing ZACF militants, van der Walt and Schmidt, in their two-volume history of anarchism, Counter-power. And it is the perspective of the ZACF's Italian comrades of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici (Federation of Anarchist Communists, or FdCA), in their excellent theoretical position paper “Anarchist Communists: a Question of Class”.


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E' uscito Alternativa Libertaria, luglio 2014

Anarchist movement

Wed 30 Jul, 10:55

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