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international / anarchist movement Wednesday November 11, 2009 16:32 by Deric Shannon and J. Rogue
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Anarchism can learn a lot from the feminist movement. In many respects it already has. Anarcha-feminists have developed analyses of patriarchy that link it to the state form. We have learned that no revolutionary project can be complete while men systematically dominate and exploit women; that socialism is a rather empty goal if men's domination of women is left intact.

This essay argues that anarchists can likewise learn from the theory of "intersectionality" that emerged from the feminist movement. Indeed, anarchist conceptions of class struggle have widened as a result of the rise of feminist movements, civil rights movements, gay and lesbian liberation movements, etc. But how do we position ourselves regarding those struggles? What is their relationship to the class struggle? Do we dismiss them as "mere identity politics"?


russia / ukraine / belarus / anarchist movement Wednesday September 23, 2009 21:34 by Ellenor Hutson
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The setting of the assembly

Earlier this year, decided to send a delegate, as an observer representing the organizations which run the Anarkismo project, to the 8th annual conference of Autonomous Action (AD), a libertarian communist organization with branches across Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. Present at the conference were delegates from 12 different branches of AD, together with observers from the Union of Autonomous Youth and the youth wing of the Siberian Federation of Labour.

The conference was held at a secret location in the Ural Mountains where a campsite was set up from resources laboriously carried uphill over a 6-hour hike. This was a necessary precaution police attention and in addition provided economical conference accommodation in a country were poverty is widespread.

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venezuela / colombia / movimiento anarquista Saturday September 12, 2009 14:22 by Red Libertaria Popular Mateo Kramer
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Primera Jornadas Antiautoritarias

Jornadas Antiautoritarias, 15 y 16 de Septiembre/ 9 am-6 pm. Auditoria Camilo Torres-Facultad de Ciencia Política y Derecho-Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Apoya: Grupo de Investigación “Análisis de las políticas públicas y de la gestión pública (APPGP) y Red de Hermandad y Solidaridad con Colombia (REDHER).

Organiza: Red Libertaria Popular Mateo Kramer

Este evento, organizado por la Red Libertaria Popular Mateo Kramer, busca generar un espacio de encuentro entre la academia crítica, los movimientos sociales populares y l@ jóvenes rebeldes, para conocer, analizar, discutir, reflexionar y proponer frente a las distintas prácticas libertarias que las organizaciones y l@s intelectuales entienden como antiautoritarias, es decir las distintas formas de agrupamiento, resistencia y lucha social que se desarrollan y que se piensan a lo largo y ancho del país por y para la libertad. Y esto en medio de un permanente clima de discusión, polémica y debate, en donde se estimulará a que l@s asistentes se hagan participes permanentes del espacio y estén incidiendo durante las diversas actividades que se realizaran durante las jornadas, tales como el trueque, la cocina y la olla comunitaria.



amérique du nord / mexique / mouvement anarchiste Thursday July 30, 2009 21:16 by Ruptures
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Une nouvelle organisation au Québec: l'UCL

En mai 2009, à l'occasion du Salon du livre anarchiste, la toute nouvelle Union communiste libertaire (UCL) a sorti un numéro hors-série de la revue Ruptures. Ce numéro est dorénavant intégralement en ligne sur Anarkismo.

Vous trouverez ici l'éditorial et le sommaire de ce numéro de la revue.

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international / anarchist movement Wednesday July 22, 2009 20:26 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.
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It is not enough to have the "truth"...

A revolutionary programme is, in a few words, a set of very precise and concrete proposals to advance towards profound social transformations. It is not revolutionary theory, but the application of this theory in order to comprehend and change a concrete society. It departs from an analysis of the current society, studies the current conditions of the terrain for the class struggle, identifies the most urgent problems and the conditions to develop a movement; studies potential allies and enemies; and proposes a series of changes, as well as a way to reach them by means of struggle.

An article which discusses the anarchist programme from a revolutionary anarchist perspective. In it, the author analyses the need to make a qualitative shift from an anarchism which is restricted to propaganda circles, to an anarchism with the possibility of social transformation, putting forward a few basic considerations for the necessity of the development of revolutionary programmes in order to facilitate this shift.

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