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iberia / historia del anarquismo Wednesday November 23, 2005 21:48 by Agrupación de los Amigos de Durruti
Muchísimos grupos desde diferentes posiciones mostraron su oposición a la postura "oficial" del la C.N.T.-F.A.I.
La Agrupación Los Amigos de Durruti se formó precisamente con "una parte de camaradas de la columna Durruti, en el sector de Gelsa, que se negaron a aceptar terminantemente (la militarización) lo que era un acuerdo de la organización cuando las otras columnas confederales lo habían aceptado".
Fueron estos grupos de oposición, junto a militantes del P.O.U.M., los que levantaron las barricadas de mayo en un intento desesperado por frenar la contrarrevolución estalinista. Los Amigos de Durruti fueron desautorizados por la C.N.T. y tildados de provocadores, trotskistas o incluso de catalanistas infiltrados.
No obstante ello, tras la finalización del conflicto editaron el primer número del portavoz de la Agrupación: El Amigo del Pueblo, con el fin de contrarrestar la campaña difamatoria que sobre ellos se abatía y seguir luchando por la continuidad de la revolución.
Aproximadamente un mes después sacaron a la luz el folleto Hacia una nueva revolución. Con él los componentes de la Agrupación pretendían dar un giro radical a los acontecimientos recuperando el impulso revolucionario del 19 de julio.

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international / history of anarchism Wednesday November 02, 2005 23:55 by Michael Schmidt
Anarchist communism has evolved over the past 140 years as a fighting working class tradition of revolutionary warfare against all forms of exploitation. Its aim is the creation of the freest and most equal society possible, balancing individual and collective interests in as fair a way as possible. But our detractors, both of the left and the right question whether anarchism is strong enough to work in practice.

This booklet is very far from a total history of the movement - it merely sketches the broader outlines of these waves - and the texts quoted from are not some sort of holy canon, but indicate how, at decisive moments, the movement grappled with the complex question that lies at the heart of making a social revolution and which has vexed all leftist revolutionaries: that of the relationship between the specific revolutionary organisation and the mass of the exploited and oppressed.

north america / mexico / history of anarchism Thursday May 05, 2005 19:03 by Andrew Flood
Lucy has unfortunately been remembered mostly as the widow of the Haymarket martyr Albert Parsons, executed in Chicago in 1887. But this book reveals her activism to have started nearly a decade earlier and to have ended nearly fifty years later. For much of this period she was at the core of the revolutionary anarchist movement in the USA

One of the striking things about reading Lucy's writing is how relevant many of her comments are to the US anarchist movement today. As a frequent contributor to the anarchist press and the editor of the anarchist and pro IWW paper 'The Liberator' she understood how important a serious commitment to organization and large-scale publication was.

aotearoa / pacific islands / history of anarchism Sunday April 03, 2005 01:13 by Frank Peebles
The story of the I.W.W. in Aotearoa cannot be told without considering the wider labour movement. The Wobblies weren't a small sectarian group isolated from the tumultuous events of those times. Often they were at the centre, and the leading spirit within the militant workers movement.
eastern asia / history of anarchism Friday March 11, 2005 23:58 by Aileen O'Carroll
TODAY JAPAN BRINGS to mind high tech corporations, stressed out primary school students and a gruelling work ethic that demands loyalty to the company. One hundred and thirty years ago it was a very different place,
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History of anarchism

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