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argentina / uruguai / paraguai / repressão / prisioneiros Friday November 18, 2005 23:51 by militante
Chamamos todas as organizações do povo, dos trabalhadores e trabalhadoras, estudantes e quem mais se sensibilize com a causa da luta por justiça no mundo, a solidarizarem-se com os movimentos populares da nossa vizinha Argentina, os valentes piqueteros, que, neste momento, sofrem implacável perseguição por parte do governo argentino e órgãos de repressão. Um destes movimentos teve um dos seus importantes militantes preso injustamente.

O caso de Gabriel é mais um exemplo da repressão e perseguição que sofrem os lutadores populares da Argentina, com os quais devemos nos solidarizar, por construírem dia a dia o poder dos de baixo.


southern africa / repression / prisoners Thursday June 30, 2005 22:30 by Bukharin
Everyday the people of Zimbabwe pray that some miracle will save the country from degenerating into the curse of Malawi under Kamuzu Banda; Harsh brutal rule under a ruthless, insensitive, self-enriching dictator who lacked even the decency to die on time. Conversations are dominated by the talk of the Tsunami in reference of the devastation on ordinary peopleís lives caused by the government's so called "Operation Murambatsvina" [Sweep out the Trash] which is nothing but a senseless and callous attack on poor people of the townships.

The country is reeling under a massive economic crisis resulting from failed IMF/ World Bank neo-liberal economic policies that the government adopted under the Economic Structural Adjustment Program (ESAP) of 1990. Unemployment is widespread, now estimated at 80%. The formal sector continues to shrink with companies folding down everyday resulting in massive job loses.

greece / turkey / cyprus / repression / prisoners Thursday April 14, 2005 00:28 by Andrew
Compilation of reports from Turkey of the arrest of the military objector Mehmet Tarhan and the campaign in support of him. Includes appeal for international solidarity protests. Please add updates as comments on this feature.
argentina/uruguay/paraguay / represión / presos Friday April 08, 2005 04:01 by chacalon
La OSL rindio homenaje a los ex-militantes de RL que en los 70 enfrentaron la dictadura hasta dar su vida. Dos generaciones, pero la lucha continua!!!!
ireland / britain / repression / prisoners Thursday March 10, 2005 22:56 by Unknown
The Ploughshares 5 are on trial for disabling a US war plane at Shannon airport in Ireland
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Repression / prisoners

Wed 22 Nov, 13:16

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