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iberia / workplace struggles Friday September 24, 2010 16:41 by International statement
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General Strike - 29th September 2010

Of all the European Union countries, the Spanish State is facing one of the most difficult economic situations of all, with 20% of the potential workforce unemployed. The measures proposed by the government place all the burden on the popular classes in the form of lower wages, consumer taxes, pensions cuts, cuts in unemployment benefits, more privatization and the introduction of more obstacles to workers organizing.

Ever since the crisis broke, the more militant sectors of the trade union movement [including the CGT, CNT, SO, etc.] have been demanding that a general strike be called to oppose these unpopular measures, but because they were confined only to certain sectors and geographic areas, they were unable to achieve it alone, until a general strike for 29th September was eventually - and reluctantly - called by the big unions, the CCOO and the UGT. It is very important for the General Strike to be a success and for the 29th September to see as many people as possible opposing the policies of the Zapatero government, outside the workplace and on the streets.

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italia / svizzera / lotte sindacali Monday July 19, 2010 21:30 by Commissione Sindacale FdCA
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Manifestazione FIOM

Vampiri. Quelli veri. Quelli insaziabili di profitti, di lauti guadagni, di finanziamenti pubblici. Quelli che dopo aver spremuto sangue, sudore e lacrime dai lavoratori e dalle lavoratrici, li gettano per strada come inutili fardelli.

Marchionne si nutre di uno stipendio da 5 milioni di euro... Dopo avere chiuso la FIAT a Termini Imerese, ha inaugurato la strategia di sfondamento alla FIAT di Pomigliano: addio a norme e diritti conquistati con decenni di lotte sindacali e sociali e licenziamenti per i lavoratori che non ci stanno (vedi Melfi).

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greece / turkey / cyprus / workplace struggles Friday May 21, 2010 21:31 by Daniell
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Greek workers say NO!

The following is an interview on the Greek crisis with Constantinos Avramidis – a Greek resident in Ireland, member of the Workers Solidarity Movement and of the post workers union.

"We don’t know how situation will progress. We lack many things to make the situation progress, but the worst scenario will be that the military takes over. That may mean that Greece would be expelled from the EU in the worst possible way. And this way the IMF could impose their will through a dictator as the US has done in the past. That’s the worst case scenario.

I have the feeling that the army has no will to intervene, there is a broader political spectre within the army now that would make such a decision difficult. Otherwise, I don’t see how the capitalists will impose the reforms. The people have had enough."

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international / workplace struggles Wednesday May 05, 2010 19:48 by 墨爾本安那其共產主義者小組
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bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / workplace struggles Saturday April 10, 2010 15:56 by Unión Socialista Libertaria
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El paro de los mineros artesanales

Ante el reciente Paro realizado por los mineros artesanales del sur del país en respuesta a la promulgación del D.U. 012-2010 que vulneraba su actividad productiva y frente al desconocimiento del tema, la Unión Socialista Libertaria se dirige a la opinión pública nacional e internacional para manifestar lo siguiente.

Como Organización nos declaramos en solidaridad con las luchas de los campesinos, comunidades originarias y mineros artesanales contra esta nueva arremetida del las fuerzas represivas del Estado peruano, actuando como fiel guardián de los intereses del gran capital y del Imperialismo.
Llamamos por ello a todas las fuerzas revolucionarias y proletarias, a ejercer esa solidaridad de clase y apoyar decidida y activamente las luchas de las comunidades campesinas, nativas para evitar que se sigan matando impunemente a los luchadores sociales y detener el genocidio silencioso del TLC.

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Rojava: Mensaje urgente de un compañero anarquista en Afrin

Rojava: Mensaje urgente de un compañero anarquista en Afrin

Workplace struggles

Thu 24 May, 05:35

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