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italia / svizzera / economia Saturday January 14, 2017 20:18 byAlternativa Libertaria/fdca
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Renzi caduto. Le sue politiche no. E sempre pi urgente recuperare capacit di coalizione e di lotta alla base nei luoghi di lavoro e nel territorio, ri-costruire strumenti e metodi di ampia partecipazione dal basso, forme di solidariet autogestite, forme di vertenzialit conflittuali che facciano crescere coscienza e progettualit.

venezuela / colombia / workplace struggles Wednesday January 11, 2017 16:11 byJos Antonio Gutirrez D.
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Csar Augusto Roa Carvajal (1982-2016)

El mircoles 28 de diciembre, el compaero Csar Augusto Roa Carvajal, iba en su moto por Mosquera, Cundinamarca, cuando a las 10:30pm perdi el control del vehculo y se estrell contra un poste. Para los medios, era sencillamente uno ms de los muertos en esa va, el cuarto en la semana. Para nosotros el que haba muerto era tambin un compaero excepcional, que haba destacado en la lucha de los corteros de caa en el Valle del Cauca en el 2008.

greece / turkey / cyprus / repression / prisoners Saturday December 24, 2016 04:48 byDevrimci Anarşist Faaliyet
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An investigation was started by Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's office about our newspaper related to articles "Both Arrival and Departure of State is From Fear", "Banned Until Further Order", and "Recreating Life" in the 30. issue of our newspaper published on December 2015 with the caption "Banning Everything". The lawsuit following the investigation ended after almost a year of trials.

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venezuela / colombia / luchas indgenas Thursday December 15, 2016 08:19 bySteven Crux
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Este texto pretende buscar los puentes que existen entre la liberacin de la madre tierra y nuestra praxis autnoma y libertaria. Precisamente, ese objetivo no lo plantea una motivacin acadmica sino de accin, de seguir caminando para redescubrir un otro mundo que tejen los pueblos al calor de sus luchas. En ese sentido, la mayor parte de estos anlisis surgen de procesos de acompaamiento y estudio mano a mano con los brazos que liberan la tierra, razn por la cual se hace difcil hacer una exhaustiva referencia y bibliografa al respecto, que se espera, pueda ser mayor en un futuro cercano conforme vaya caminando ms la palabra.

north america / mexico / workplace struggles Tuesday December 06, 2016 21:23 byTom Wetzel
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"The claim that "syndicalist unions broke off from mainstream federations to form 'purely revolutionary' unions, cutting themselves off from the mass of workers" doesn't hold up, though it does conform to the Leninist orthodoxy of "Left-Wing" Communism: An Infantile Disorder. There were many countries where the syndicalist unions were the majority--such as Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Brazil. Syndicalist unions in South Africa, such as the Industrial Workers of Africa (modeled on the Industrial Workers of the World), were the only unions that organized native African workers, who were excluded from the white craft unions.
At the time of the mass occupation of the factories in Italy in September 1920, the USI (Italian Syndicalist Union) was claiming 800,000 members, and the factory councils formed throughout Italy in those events were mostly organized by the USI. Moreover, it was the anarcho-syndicalists who initiated a militia movement ("arditti del popolo") to fight Mussolini's fascist squads. But the Communists didn't cooperate, and the Socialist Party capitulated to fascism.

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Qu est passant a Catalunya?

Qu est passant a Catalunya?

Tue 12 Dec, 12:42

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