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afrique centrale / luttes en milieu de travail / entrevue Thursday September 08, 2005 20:06 by Afrique XX1
L’existence d’un syndicalisme alternatif en République démocratique du Congo est rarement évoquée. Pourtant loin des clichés et sempiternels reportages sur la guerre civile, Lutte ouvrière, tente de changer la donne. Entretien avec son secrétaire général adjoint. read full story / add a comment
Κεντρική Αφρική / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Wednesday July 13, 2005 14:17 by Chekov Feeney (WSM)
Greek translation of Ch. Feeney’s “The G8, Live 8 and Africa” read full story / add a comment
central africa / economy / opinion / analysis Thursday June 30, 2005 21:49 by Chekov
While neo-liberal reforms have certainly affected workers in the West, it is in Africa where they have had most impact. Neo-liberal policies seek to reduce state control over the national economy in favour of private capitalists - the so-called 'free market'. These policies have been most widely applied in Africa for the simple reason that they are the policies promoted by the International financial institutions (IFI's), the World Bank, IMF and WTO read full story / add a comment
central africa / miscellaneous / opinion / analysis Wednesday May 18, 2005 21:40 by joram jojo
The party system is the modern equivalent of the tribal or sectarian system. A society governed by one party is similar to one which is governed by one tribe or one sect. The party, as shown, represents the perception of a certain group of people, or the interests of one group in society, or one belief, or one region. Such a party is a minority compared with the whole people, just as the tribe and the sect are read full story / add a comment
central africa / miscellaneous / feature Friday March 11, 2005 00:30 by Chekov
We had very little prior information about the Central African Republic, commonly known as the CAR. Our guidebook had only a couple of pages about it, most of which seemed to be very out of date, with almost no concrete information. We had heard the tales of the dictator Bokassa who used to publically feed his enemies to his pet lions and crocodiles, who had ordered massacres of protesting primary school kids and who had been rumoured to indulge in cannabalism, but that was in the 1970's. read full story / add a comment
George Floyd: one death too many in the “land of the free”
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