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international / workplace struggles / feature Friday May 02, 2014 01:21 by Various anarchist organizations   image 1 image
For far too long major segments of the working class have been dormant under the illusion that change can be delegated to exterior organizations or parties. When our struggles are bureaucratized and delegated to others, we lose ownership over them and in turn lose many benefits gained through them. A victory for the working class can only be established if our class is active in the struggle leading to victory. [Italiano] [Castellano] read full story / add a comment
internazionale / lotte sindacali / comunicato stampa Friday May 02, 2014 01:04 by Various anarchist organizations   image 1 image
Per troppo tempo i maggiori segmenti della classe lavoratrice se ne sono stati dormienti nell'illusione che il mutamento potesse essere delegato ad organizzazioni esterne o ai partiti. Quando le nostre lotte cadono vittime delle burocrazie e vengono delegate ad altri, noi ne perdiamo la titolarità ed il controllo con la conseguente perdita di molte conquiste ottenute tramite esse. Una vittoria della classe lavoratrice è possibile solo se è la nostra classe a guidare le lotte alla vittoria. [English] read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / workplace struggles / news report Wednesday November 30, 2011 18:22 by Various   text 2 comments (last - wednesday november 30, 2011 20:56)
WSM members & supporters in northern Ireland will be providing live coverage of the N30 Pension strikes today via our Twitter feed. The strike is part of the UK wide public sector strike against attacks on public sector pensions, attacks similar to those imposed on public sector workers in southern Ireland over the last couple of years. They are part of a Europe wide offensive against the pensions rights of workers. read full story / add a comment
Mass picket of department of Education - see WSM site for more pictures
ireland / britain / workplace struggles / news report Friday November 27, 2009 23:49 by Various WSM members   image 1 image
On 24 November 2009 250,000 public sector workers in Ireland took part in a national strike against planned pay cuts. Many WSM members who work in the public sector played a direct part in the organisation of the strike and student members helped organise solidarity actions at the universities where strikes were happening. They also toured other picket lines to send in reports and photos. Here we present these reports and the reports sent in by members on strike who had access to smart phones with which they sent live news on the day to the WSM twitter feed read full story / add a comment
WSM supporting the workers at the Four courts
ireland / britain / workplace struggles / news report Friday August 07, 2009 23:46 by Various   image 1 image
On Friday 31st July workers at Thomas Cook occupied the shop on Grafton street. Management got a court injunction against the occupation and on Monday morning a huge force of Gardai sealed off the area, smashed their way into the shop and arrested the 28 workers inside. The workers at Thomas Cook were fighting for a better redundancy package. To the approximately €700,000 offered by the company, the workers are demanding an added €300,000. That afternoon the High Court released the workers and negotiations were started on an improved redundancy package. The articles were written by WSM members involved in supporting the struggle of the Thomas Cook workers. read full story / add a comment
Workers on the march
ireland / britain / workplace struggles / news report Thursday April 09, 2009 22:21 by Various   image 1 image
Following on from the occupation of the Waterford Glass plant in February which managed to save some of the jobs and improve redundancy conditions workers in Belfast at Visteon occupied their factor last week. With plant closures happening across the island of Ireland both these occupations provide an example of workers taking direct action to preserve jobs and/or force employers to improve on redundancy conditions. Here we present reports from WSM members from these occupations and background articles. read full story / add a comment
international / workplace struggles / other libertarian press Monday March 09, 2009 19:09 by "Various"
In Australia today is Labour Day aka "Moomba" to commemorate the 8 hour day: - 8 hours work, 8 hours rest, 8 hours recreation - won by direct action when stone masons walked off the Melbourne University construction site after 8 hours and then to other sites around the city calling on all to end their labours after 8 hours in 1856. read full story / add a comment
indonesia / philippines / australia / workplace struggles / news report Tuesday September 26, 2006 15:45 by Various
The strike at Heinemann Electrics has entering its third week. The spirit of the workers in still strong and united. read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / workplace struggles / opinion / analysis Friday June 10, 2005 19:02 by Various
Anti-union lawyers and consultants like Goldschmidt are big business here in Portland. Employers first hire them to fight off organizing campaigns. Once the union is in place, the lawyers do battle with workers at the bargaining table. And even in stable union workplaces, union busters lurk in the shadows, constantly strategizing about how to keep workers down. read full story / add a comment
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