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uluslararası / education / press release Tuesday August 03, 2010 20:01 by Steffi and Aragorn   image 1 image
Bildiğimiz kadarıyla, şu ana kadar anarşizm hakkında kapsamlı bir belgesel yapılmadı. Bu proje, anarşizme bir giriş yapan ve aynı zamanda anarşizme tarihsel ve küresel bir bakış atacak bir belgesel yaratma projesi.
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international / éducation / nouvelles Saturday July 24, 2010 00:55 by Steffi, Aragorn   image 1 image
Au meilleur de nos connaissances, il n'y a jamais eu de documentaires relatant vraiment bien de l'anarchisme. Ceci est un projet de créer un documentaire qui autant une introduction de base à l'anarchisme, qu'une histoire qui regarde l'anarchisme de façon historique et globale.
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internacional / education / comunicado de prensa Tuesday July 20, 2010 01:30 by Steffi, Aragorn   image 1 image
Considerando lo mejor de nuestro conocimiento, ningún documental exhaustivo sobre el anarquismo ha sido hecho hasta hoy. read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Εκπαίδευση / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Monday July 19, 2010 21:09 by Steffi, Aragorn   image 1 image
Από όσα γνωρίζουμε, δεν υπάρχει μέχρι σήμερα ένα ολοκληρωμένο ντοκιμαντέρ για τον αναρχισμό. Αυτό είναι ένα project για τη δημιουργία ενός ντοκιμαντέρ το οποίο θα περιέχει τόσο μια βασική εισαγωγή στον αναρχισμό, καθώς και μια προσπάθεια να εξεταστεί ο αναρχισμός ιστορικά και σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο read full story / add a comment
Anarchism: A Documentary
international / education / press release Sunday July 18, 2010 15:54 by Steffi, Aragorn   text 1 comment (last - thursday july 29, 2010 06:57)   image 1 image
Насколько нам известно, до сих пор не существует документального фильма всесторонне раскрывающего тему анархизма. read full story / add a comment
Anarchism: A Documentary
internacional / education / comunicado de imprensa Wednesday July 14, 2010 22:56 by Steffi, Aragorn   image 1 image
Até onde sabemos, nenhum documentário tão completo sobre o anarquismo já foi feito. Tal falta é uma pena, pois achamos que agora, mais do que nunca, um documentário amplo, acessível, de introdução ao anarquismo seria de um valor tremendo a aqueles de nós que desejamos dividir a história, as idéias e promessas do nosso movimento diversificado e versátil com uma audiência generalizada. [English] [Deutsch] read full story / add a comment
Anarchism: A Documentary
international / education / feature Tuesday July 13, 2010 17:10 by Steffi and Aragorn   text 8 comments (last - sunday june 26, 2011 16:47)   image 1 image
To the best of our knowledge, no comprehensive documentary about anarchism has ever been made. This is a project to create a documentary which is as much a basic introduction to anarchism, as well as a story which looks at anarchism historically and globally. [Deutsch] [Português] [Русский] [Ελληνικά][Castellano] [Français] [Türkçe] read full story / add a comment
international / bildungswesen / pressemitteilung Tuesday July 06, 2010 17:06 by Steffi und Aragorn   image 1 image
Unserem besten Wissen zu Folge gibt es noch keine umfassende Dokumentation über Anarchismus. Dieses Projekt entwickelt einen Dokumentarfilm, der so wohl eine grundlegende Einführung in den Anarchismus ist, als auch die Geschichte des Anarchismus historisch und global erzählt. read full story / add a comment
zuidelijk afrika / miscellaneous / feature Saturday May 30, 2009 16:25 by Steffi   image 1 image
Wederzijdse hulp is een belangrijk en relevant anarchistisch concept. Het laat zien hoe aspecten van een betere wereld al overal bestaan, waaronder in Zuid Afrika, en hoe we deze wereld kunnen bereiken, waarbij we voortbouwen op bestaande culturele praktijken, en die uitbreiden. read full story / add a comment
Η κατάσταση αυτή φέρνει τους αναρχικούς στην Ελλάδα μπροστά σε μια νέα πραγματικότητα, να κάτσουν κάτω και να εξετάσουν τρόπους συγκρότησης μιας σοβαρής, μαχητικής και συνεκτικής οργάνωσης, μιας αναρχικής οργάνωσης της ταξικής πάλης – συνδεδεμένης με τους εργατικούς αγώνες της βάσης – και όχι μόνο να συμμετέχει ή να οργανώνει αυθόρμητες δράσεις, έτσι ώστε η εξέγερση και οι καταλήψεις να επεκταθούν. read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / community struggles / opinion / analysis Wednesday April 08, 2009 18:58 by Steffi   image 1 image
Weeks of violent riots, clashes between ordinary people and the police, the burning of police cars and attacks on police stations, the looting of expensive shops, a burning Xmas tree amidst anti-consumerist slogans, street fights every day and night, calls for revolution, occupations of thousands of universities, schools, town halls etc. This past December was a hot winter month in Greece and an event that needs to be understood in more detail than was reported by the mainstream media. It is an unprecedented event in recent history in Europe, a new 1968, a new highlight in the struggle against neo-liberalism, cutbacks in the education system and police violence. read full story / add a comment
southern africa / culture / opinion / analysis Tuesday April 07, 2009 15:28 by Steffi   text 1 comment (last - monday june 01, 2009 09:36)   image 1 image
Mutual Aid is an important and relevant anarchist concept. It shows how aspects of a better world already exist everywhere, including in Southern Africa, and how we can achieve this world, building on and extending existing cultural practices. First published in issue number 10 of Zabalaza: A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism, April 2009. read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / imperialism / war / interview Monday April 06, 2009 16:05 by Steffi   image 1 image
Shalif is a veteran Israeli anarchist. This interview was conducted in January 2009 while the war on Gaza was still going on. It was first published in issue 10 of Zabalaza: A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism. read full story / add a comment
africa meridionale / migrazione / razzismo / opinione / analisi Thursday October 02, 2008 17:57 by Steffi, Jonathan Payn e James Pendlebury
A solo 14 anni dalla fine dell'apartheid qualcuno sostiene che siamo in presenza di una nuova apartheid. A solo 14 anni dal genocidio in Rwanda c'è chi dice che in Sud Africa si stia verificando un genocidio particolare. Niente a che vedere con il gap economico tuttora esistente tra sudafricani con diverso colore della pelle e nemmeno con una guerra tra diversi gruppi etnici come in Rwanda. [English] read full story / add a comment
Pogroms then... and now.
southern africa / migration / racism / feature Friday September 26, 2008 19:14 by Steffi, Jonathan Payn and James Pendlebury   image 1 image
Only 14 years after the end of apartheid some say that this is a new apartheid. Only 14 years after the genocide in Rwanda some say that this is a genocide South African style. But this time it is not just about the still existing economic gap between South Africans of different skin colours, nor about a war between different ethnopolitical groups like in Rwanda. It is about nationality and the fight between those who have the minimum security of being born in South Africa, and the unlucky ones who have no such security – who have, in many cases, had to flee to South Africa from violence or starvation elsewhere. The events of May 2008 show a deep xenophobic sentiment in South Africa that is largely due to social and economic circumstances. It is a poisonous cocktail of nationalism mixed with lack of service delivery. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
southern africa / migration / racism / opinion / analysis Wednesday September 10, 2008 15:58 by Steffi
Some of the people attacked in recent xenophobic pogroms in South Africa were born in South Africa or have a South African passport. Aren’t they South Africans? What makes a South African? How many generations must one have lived here to be accepted? What skin colour does one have to have? When thinking about this it quickly becomes clear that who is a South African and who is not is not a scientific decision. It is about what people think and want and this changes over time. read full story / add a comment
centraal-afrika / imperialisme / oorlog / opinion/analysis Monday September 10, 2007 19:27 by Steffi
Dit artikel geeft aan hoe invloed van buitenaf een hoofdrol heeft gespeeld in de geschiedenis van de Kongo en hoe het nog steeds het leven in de Kongo bepaalt. Het onderzoekt daardoor hoe de natie-staat een middel is om mensen te verdelen langs kunstmatige lijnen, in het bijzonder in Afrika. read full story / add a comment
zentralafrika / imperialismus / krieg / meinung / analyse Friday July 13, 2007 00:40 by Steffi
Immer wieder hören wir in den Medien vom “Ersten Afrikanischen Weltkrieg” oder vom “Herz der Finsternis”, einem westlichen Klischee, das dazu verwendet wurde und wird, um Kolonialismus und post-koloniale Intervention zu rechtfertigen. Wir glauben, dass der Konflikt im Kongo ein weiterer afrikanischer Konflikt sei, der auf alten „Stammesfehden“ beruht oder weil das arme Afrika von gierigen multinationalen Gesellschaften ausgebeutet wird. Aber wenn wir uns die Situation im Kongo näher anschauen erkennen wir, dass dieser Konflikt sehr komplex ist und selbst wenn mensch kein Anarchist ist muss mensch sich eingestehen, dass die großen Probleme im Kongo ihre Wurzeln im kapitalistischen Weltsystem und in der Einteilung der Welt in Nationalstaaten haben, die künstlich Grenzen zwischen Menschen ziehen. read full story / add a comment
áfrica central / imperialismo / guerra / opinión / análisis Thursday June 21, 2007 04:34 by Steffi   text 2 comments (last - thursday june 21, 2007 07:21)
Todos hemos alguna vez escuchado de “La Primera Guerra Mundial Africana” [1] o “Heart of Darkness” [2], clichés occidentales usados para justificar al colonialismo y la intervención post-colonial. Todos pareciéramos saber que el conflicto en el Congo es, por una parte, sobre lo que se ha llamado “tribalismo” y, por otra, sobre la explotación de recursos minerales por parte de compañías occidentales. Pero una mirada más minuciosa nos muestra una situación mucho más compleja y aún sin ser anarquista, uno debe reconocer que la raíz de los problemas en el Congo es en realidad el capitalismo y el sistema de Estado-Nación con sus fronteras arbitrarias. read full story / add a comment
africa centrale / imperialismo / guerra / opinione / analisi Wednesday June 20, 2007 18:26 by Steffi
Il Congo, un enorme paese nel cuore dell'Africa, costituisce un altro perfetto esempio della necessità di cambiare il sistema politico attuale. Fin da quando è sotto influenze esterne, il Congo ha subito diverse forme di violenza e ne subirà altre nel futuro se non si affaccia all'orizzonte un nuovo sistema globale. Milioni di persone sono morte, ed i loro assassini, la povertà e lo sfruttamento, sono a piede libero. Nessun governo cambierà mai la situazione del popolo del Congo. read full story / add a comment

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