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Nelson Mandela
southern africa / migration / racism / feature Monday December 16, 2013 00:39 by Shawn Hattingh and Lucien van der Walt   image 1 image
Mandela, the ANC and the 1994 Breakthrough: Anarchist / syndicalist reflections on national liberation and South Africa’s transition
Shawn Hattingh and Lucien van der Walt

The destruction of the apartheid state form, with its odious policies of coercion and racism, was a major triumph for the working class in South Africa and elsewhere, showing that ordinary people can challenge and defeat systems that seem quite unbreakable. Mandela did play a heroic role, but was also the first to admit that “It is not the kings and generals that make history but the masses of the people, the workers, the peasants, the doctors, the clergy." And indeed, it was the black working class, above all, that through struggle tore down many features of apartheid by the late 1980s, such as the pass law system, the Group Areas Act and numerous other odious laws and policies.

The 1994 transition in South Africa was a political revolution, a break with the apartheid and colonial periods of state-sanctioned white supremacy, a “massive advance” in the conditions of the majority. It introduced a new state, based on non-racialism, in which South Africa was to be a multi-racial, multi-cultural but unified country, founded on human rights; welfare and social policy and legislation was transformed; capitalism was kept in place, but despite this, there were very massive and very real changes, political and material, that made qualitative differences in the daily lives of millions of black and working class people. And for millions, it is precisely the association of Mandela with that victory and with those changes that makes him so emotionally powerful.

Yet at the same time, Mandela’s policies and politics had important limitations that must be faced if the current quandary of South Africa, nearly 20 years later, is to be understood. Mandela never sold out: he was committed to a reformed capitalism, and a parliamentary democracy, and unified South Africa based on equal civil and political rights, a project in which black capitalists and black state elites would loom large. These goals have been achieved, but bring with them numerous problems that must be faced up if the final liberation – including national liberation – of South Africa’s working class is to be achieved.

The 1994 breakthrough was a major victory, but it was not the final one, for a final one requires a radical change in society, towards a libertarian and socialist order based on participatory democracy, human needs rather than profit and power, and social and economic justice, and attention to issues of culture and the psychological impact of apartheid.

As long as the basic legacy of apartheid remains, in education, incomes, housing and other spheres, and as long as the working class of all races is excluded from basic power and wealth by a black and white ruling class, so long will the national question – the deep racial / national divisions in South Africa, and the reality of ongoing racial/ national oppression for the black, Coloured and Indian working class – remain unresolved. And so long will it continue to generate antagonisms and conflicts, the breeding ground for rightwing populist demagogy, xenophobia and crime. By contrast, a powerful black elite, centred on the state and with a growing corporate presence, has achieved its national liberation.
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ireland / britain / migration / racism / opinion / analysis Thursday October 24, 2013 20:09 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.   text 1 comment (last - thursday october 24, 2013 20:26)   image 1 image
Over the last couple of days we have witnessed massive media hysteria about the case of Maria, a young girl supposedly abducted by a Roma couple in Greece. DNA tests and Lombroso-style racial profiling have come into action in a case that has stirred the irrational anxiety that feeds racism and bigotry. Beyond the fact that child abduction is a serious issue, the "whiteness" and "blondeness" of the alleged victim have been emphasised together with the "Roma" condition of the alleged culprits. Let us remember that this is taking place in Greece, a country where blatant racism (as expressed by Golden Dawn) is on the rise, so there are good reasons to be cautious about this whole case. read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / migration / racism / opinion / analysis Wednesday October 23, 2013 22:22 by D. Sreenan   image 1 image
In Ireland institutional racism has evolved to come fitted as standard. At the same time the State dithers about making the decision on whether or not to grant Travellers ethnic status. As the Stephen Lawrence family lawyer, Imran Khan stated – when you write laws of the land specifically for a people – it is a sure sign that you recognise them as a specific group when you bring in laws that pertain only to them. So, in Ireland, are Travellers specifically targeted in the Anti-Trespass Act brought in 2002 and Section 24 of the Criminal Justice Act (1994). read full story / add a comment
france / belgique / luxembourg / migration / racisme / communiqué de presse Sunday October 20, 2013 17:17 by Branche Jeunesse d’Alternative libertaire   image 1 image
Jeudi 17 octobre, les lycéennes et lycéens d’une vingtaine d’établissements parisiens mais également de plusieurs autres villes (Grenoble, Avignon, Mende...) se sont mobilisés pour dénoncer les expulsions de de camarades en situation irrégulière, dont celle de Leonarda et de Khatchik survenues il y a peu. La manifestation parisienne a rassemblé plusieurs milliers de personnes. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / migrazione / razzismo / opinione / analisi Thursday October 10, 2013 20:45 by Elledì   image 1 image
Carne da pesce, schiavi che non sopravivono al viaggio fino al mercato globale in cui, unica concessione alla modernità, invece di essere battuti all'asta cercheranno, spesso invano, di vendersi a poco prezzo. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / migrazione / razzismo / comunicato stampa Monday October 07, 2013 19:19 by Organizzazioni anarchiche marchegiane   image 1 image
Nessun essere umano è illegale. Contro ogni razzismo - solidarietà e libertà. Per la libera circolazione degli esseri umani e non solo delle merci, per la garanzia immediata dell’asilo politico a chi fugge dalle guerre e dalla fame e per l’abolizione della Turco-Napolitano e della Bossi-Fini. read full story / add a comment
francia / belgio / lussemburgo / migrazione / razzismo / opinione / analisi Monday September 30, 2013 19:02 by Alternative libertaire   image 1 image
La campagna per le elezioni amministrative è iniziata ed i politici fanno a gara a fare leva sul razzismo. Per due ragioni: la prima è che secondo loro è ciò che l'elettorato vuole sentirsi dire, e la seconda è che mentre i media non fanno che parlare di questo, la gente non bada alla disoccupazione, alla povertà ed alla distribuzione della ricchezza. [Français] read full story / add a comment
Η τοπική προεκλογική καμπάνια ξεκίνησε και οι πολιτικοί είναι απασχολημένοι με το να ξεπεράσουν ο ένας τον άλλον στον ρατσισμό. Για δύο λόγους : Πρώτον, γιατί πιστεύουν ότι χαϊδεύουν τα αυτιά του εκλογικού σώματος, είναι αυτό που θέλουν να ακούσουν (τι περιφρόνηση!) και δεύτερον, όσο τα μμε μιλούν για αυτό, ο κόσμος δεν αναρωτιέται για την ανεργία, τη φτώχεια και τη διανομή του πλούτου. read full story / add a comment
france / belgium / luxemburg / migration / racism / opinion / analysis Friday September 27, 2013 19:07 by Alternative libertaire   image 1 image
The local election campaigna has begun and the politicians are busy trying to outdo each other in racism. For two reasons: firstly, they think it's like stroking the electorate's hair, it's what they want to hear (what contempt!), and secondly, while the media are talking about it, the people are not wondering about unemployment, poverty and the distribution of wealth. [Français] read full story / add a comment
france / belgique / luxembourg / migration / racisme / opinion / analyse Friday September 27, 2013 18:42 by Alternative libertaire   image 1 image
La campagne des municipales a commencé et les politiciens surenchérissent dans le racisme. Pour deux raisons : ils pensent que ça caresse l’électorat dans le sens du poil (quel mépris !) et, pendant que les médias parlent de ça, ils ne les interrogent pas sur le chômage, la pauvreté et la répartition des richesses. [English] [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
amérique du nord / mexique / migration / racisme / communiqué de presse Thursday September 19, 2013 12:35 by Collectif Emma Goldman   image 1 image
Horreur et stupeur sont des mots bien insuffisants pour exprimer notre dégoût face au crime haineux perpétré samedi après-midi à l’endroit de la Mosquée de Chicoutimi. Nous qui militons au quotidien pour abattre ces frontières formées de préjugés, de violence, d’oppression, de privilège et d’ignorance, sommes attristé-e-s par cette nouvelle manifestation d’un système d’oppression – le racisme – bien présent chez nous. Alors que nous voyons dans cet acte la continuité d’une campagne de propagande haineuse d’un groupuscule raciste de la région, nous nous insurgeons également contre des formes de racisme beaucoup plus répandues et banalisées dans notre milieu. À l’ombre des bêtes idées-marketing de « ville accueillante » (sans action) et des vaines quêtes du journalisme policier de nos grands médias, nous émettons cette déclaration à partager : du courage naît l’espoir, l’espoir de vaincre et terrasser toutes les formes d’oppression. C’est un appel à l’action. [Engilsh] read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / migration / racism / press release Thursday September 19, 2013 12:01 by Collectif Emma Goldman   image 1 image
Words like shock and horror do not do enough to express our disgust before the hate crime perpetrated Saturday afternoon against the Chicoutimi Mosque. We who are active every day tearing down these borders built of prejudices, violence, oppression, privilege and ignorance, are saddened by this new manifestation of a system of oppression – racism – that is widespread where we live. [Français] read full story / add a comment
indonesia / philippines / australia / migration / racism / press release Friday August 23, 2013 20:03 by Dmitri   image 1 image
This morning, a group of vocal protesters from the Beyond Borders Collective attended the Melbourne office of logistics firm, Toll, to protest the company’s commercial involvement in the offshore processing of refugees and asylum seekers. Here is the statement released by the Beyond Borders Collective read full story / add a comment
indonésie / philippines / australie / migration / racisme / opinion / analyse Wednesday August 21, 2013 12:47 by Sean Matthews   image 1 image
Un anarchiste irlandais vivant à Melbourne, en Australie, nous donne son point de vue sur le débat sur les ‘demandeurs et demanderesses d’asile’ dans la trame des élections qui viennent. Il soutient que les travailleurs et travailleuses d’Irlande devraient être solidaires avec les plus marginalisé-e-s et les plus dépossédé-e-s de notre société. Dans les mots d’un activiste autochtone : « Comme personnes qui connaissent ce que c’est d’être envahi-e-s par les boat-people, nous sommes en meilleure posture pour juger comment les boat-people actuel-le-s devraient être traité-e-s. Alors que les boat-people initiaux et initiales qui ont envahi notre pays étaient armé-e-s jusqu’aux dents et poussé-e-s vers la conquête, les demandeurs et demanderesses d’asile de 2012 sont sans armes et recherchent sanctuaire ». [English] read full story / add a comment
indonesia / philippines / australia / migration / racism / opinion / analysis Tuesday August 20, 2013 22:19 by Sean Matthews   image 1 image
An Irish anarchist living in Melbourne, Australia gives his perspective on the 'asylum seeker' debate there leading up to the forthcoming elections. He argues Irish workers should be standing in solidarity with the most marginalised and dispossesed in our society. In the words of one Aboriginal activist; ' “As people who know what it’s like to be invaded by boat people we are in a better position to judge how the current boat people should be treated. Where the original boat people who took our country were armed to the teeth and bent on conquest, asylum seekers in 2012 are unarmed and seeking sanctuary." [Français] read full story / add a comment
Ανακοίνωση της Αναρχοσυνδικαλιστικής Πρωτοβουλίας Ροσινάντε για την εξέγερση των μεταναστών στην Αμυγδαλέζα. read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / migration / racism / news report Wednesday July 31, 2013 22:27 by glykosymoritis   image 1 image
Mohammad Hassan from Corith’s camp dies read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / migration / racism / news report Tuesday July 23, 2013 21:43 by Glykosymoritis   image 1 image
Greece: Torture lawsuits read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Μετανάστευση / Ρατσισμός / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Saturday June 15, 2013 19:37 by Πρωτοβουλία συντρόφων / συντροφισσών no lager   image 1 image
Tα κέντρα κράτησης μεταναστών ως δομή πληθυσμιακής διαχείρισης (εισήγηση της εκδήλωσης στην ΑΣΟΕΕ 11/6/2013) read full story / add a comment
Το κείμενο δημοσιεύτηκε στο περιοδικό Σημειώσεις Νο.74, Δεκ.2011. read full story / add a comment
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