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international / miscellaneous / opinion / analysis Wednesday July 15, 2020 01:40 by Shawn Hattingh   image 1 image
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it often seems as if we are stuck in a dystopian movie. In this movie death is stalking us, hospitals overflow with the sick and dying, and the grave diggers are at work. We know more victims will soon die as the folly of millions of workers being forced by circumstances to return into cramped mines, banks, factories and warehouses is so evident. Those that are no longer needed by the billionaires who own the companies are marshalled daily by the police and military dishing out violence and on occasion, humiliation, to underline their power and the power of their bosses. It all feels so unreal, a ghastly movie playing out before our eyes.

The trauma of it all has led many people to seek solace in fiction or conspiracy theories. It can be morbidly comforting to believe in fantasy in times of strife. We, however, fall into such fantasies at our own peril. When we try and deny reality and escape from it – even if we are traumatised – we are left powerless. We miss that all of this has to do with the workings and power relations that define our everyday lives – the very workings and power relations of capitalism and state systems. read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / miscellaneous / opinião / análise Monday July 13, 2020 02:15 by BrunoL   image 1 image
Na 1ª parte desta série de ficção não ficcional, abordamos um panorama geral das mazelas da segurança pública sob o regime de democracia liberal capitalista no estado do Arroio de Fevereiro. Na 2ª parte analisamos a periodização histórica dos modelos de exploração e controle da economia política do crime nos territórios segundo o tipo de organização criminosa operando na Região Metropolitana da antiga capital da República do Bananistão. Nesta 3ª parte analisamos o modelo de novos negócios, complementando ou competindo contra o formato anterior, quando clãs familiares se involucram diretamente no negócio de proteção de segurança e extorsão, projeção eleitoral com base em bairros da Zona Oeste da cidade e grilagem de terras públicas, devolutas e de proteção ambiental. read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / miscellaneous / opinião / análise Monday July 06, 2020 09:44 by BrunoL   image 1 image
Na primeira parte desta trama macabra e “ficcional”, fizemos um panorama dos momentos anteriores à consolidação das forças parapoliciais. O século XXI torna complexo o modelo de Estado paralelo ou Estado complementar onde o conceito muda. Podemos marcar três fases no núcleo mais dinâmico da economia política do crime. As fases seriam: o jogo do bicho como operador absoluto; as redes de quadrilhas cujo negócio principal é o narcotráfico, também chamadas de “facções” e que os conglomerados de mídia insistem em chamar de “crime organizado”; por fim, o século XXI apresenta a “novidade” dos parapoliciais, a “evolução” da polícia mineira que existia na Baixada Fluminense e em algumas poucas localidades na zona oeste do Arroio, e se amplia ao ponto de dominar mais de uma centena de comunidades. Vejamos o marco temporal. read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / miscellaneous / opinião / análise Monday July 06, 2020 09:38 by BrunoL   image 1 image
Esta é uma trama macabra. Fábula de horror tropical, tão “real” como os livros de Luiz Eduardo Soares – a Elite da Tropa 1 e 2 – ou os filmes que o hoje, diretor de comédia, José Padilha, (Tropa de Elite 1 e 2) também rodou. José Padilha fez uma telecomédia fantasiosa e patética, a série O Mecanismo 1 e 2, “livremente inspirado” na Republiqueta de Curitiba e na Liga da Não-Justiça. As palavras que seguem estão mais próximas de serem “livremente inspiradas” na triste realidade do estado do Arroio de Fevereiro e da República Deformativa do Bananistão, do que nas obras acima citadas. read full story / add a comment
international / miscellaneous / opinion / analysis Tuesday May 19, 2020 05:12 by Lucien van der Walt   image 1 image
The crisis of the statist politics that dominated working-class politics -- social democracy, Marxism-Leninism, and anti-imperialist nationalism -- and the rise of neoliberalism, has aided the rediscovery of society-centred, anti-capitalist forms of bottom-up change “at a distance” from the state. This article critically assess the three main modes of “at a distance” politics: “outside-but-with” the state, which combines using the state with popular movements;  “outside-and-despite” the state, aiming at disintegrating the system by building alternatives in its cracks; and “outside-and-against” the state, associated with anarchism/ syndicalism, rejects the state for building autonomous working class counter-power that can resist, then defeat, state and capital. While each mode has limits, the anarchist/ syndicalist approach is arguably the most convincing, and its implications are serious. And it directs militants to work within the mass movements of the popular classes read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / miscellaneous / opinión / análisis Tuesday May 19, 2020 01:52 by ViaLibre   image 1 image
En el presente textos repasamos la historia de la conmemoración y sus proyecciones al presente, las nuevas luchas de las trabajadoras de la salud y otros sectores económicos en medio de la situación, los despidos masivos y las diversas formas de protesta popular que ha adelantado la población de los barrios populares, las migrantes y las privadas de la libertad y los elementos de solidaridad obrera y popular desplegados ante la coyuntura. read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Διάφορα / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Monday May 18, 2020 21:24 by International Confederation of Labour   image 1 image
Μόνο ο λαός σώζει το λαό. Εμείς οι ίδιοι θα σώσουμε τους εαυτούς μας. Τα κοινά και παγκόσμια ζητήματα που πρέπει να αντιμετωπίσουμε είναι πολλά και πολύπλοκα. Χρειαζόμαστε όλοι να είναι στο τραπέζι. Τώρα δεν κοιτάμε τον άλλο δρόμο. Αυτή τη φορά γίνε μαχητής. read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / miscellaneous / opinião / análise Monday May 18, 2020 01:13 by BrunoL   image 1 image
Tenho de admitir, Bolsonaro é muito bom no que se propõe a fazer: desgoverno, tumulto no país e desinformação na sociedade. Ele é o que é, e sua existência plena é isso mesmo. Nem mais, nem menos, “taóquei!”. Ele e sua prole não se pretendem governantes, o ato de governo é como se fosse um condomínio e, infelizmente, o síndico é o próprio Jair Messias, e não Tim Maia. Nesse condomínio, a maior parte dos subsíndicos se comporta mais como xerifes de galeria do que como habitantes de um mesmo espaço. Ao contrário do que seria esperado, o síndico de discurso autoritário não é centralizador nem tem pulso forte ou mão de ferro. Ninguém pode aparecer mais do que ele e, menos ainda, assumir atos de responsabilidade. Esse síndico não faz nada e não deixa ninguém fazer muito. Não se mete com o tesoureiro, embora lembre a todo o momento que até esse pode ser demitido. read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / miscellaneous / press release Tuesday May 12, 2020 19:58 by Haringey Solidarity Group   image 1 image
We might all have our own campaigns. Some may see disability rights as most important; some housing; others refugees. All are equally important. We don’t want a hierarchy of needs. Fight for your particular cause yes – but link up with others. An injury to one is an injury to all. The state always tries to divide us. Too often we fight amongst ourselves and miss the real enemy. We need to stick together because once Covid-19 is over the state will come for us like they have never done before. And we need to be ready and supporting each other. read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / miscellaneous / opinion / analysis Wednesday April 29, 2020 16:19 by Anonymous   image 1 image
We need to politicise the struggle with a clear internationalist response that unifies all of us, our work, our mutual aid and our care. For as long as profit rules, there can be no peace. We need to requisition all health, manufacturing and transport sectors and provide all workers, currently unpaid or paid with fair wages and safe working conditions. This is not a public relations crisis with seemingly unfortunate logistical difficulties, this is an emergency stoked by the greed of those for whom our deaths are only a motivation for the accumulation of their capital. read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Διάφορα / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Monday April 27, 2020 20:51 by Αναρχική Συλλογικότητα mⒶnifesto   image 1 image
Ένα ελατήριο, για να καταφέρεις να το συμπιέσεις με ασφάλεια στο maximum χωρίς να κινδυνεύεις από απότομη θραύση, είναι σοφότερο να ακολουθείς σταδιακούς και επαναλαμβανόμενους κύκλους φόρτισης-αποφόρτισης, όπου κάθε αποφόρτιση θα είναι πολύ μικρότερης κλίμακας σε σχέση με την αμέσως προηγούμενη φόρτιση. Η ελευθερία είναι ένα ελατήριο… read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / miscellaneous / opinião / análise Monday April 27, 2020 02:13 by BrunoL   image 1 image
Sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2020, o espetáculo dantesco, a versão do século XXI de crônicas políticas nunca escritas pelo genial. Nelson Rodrigues se desenrola diante das câmeras e aparelhos eletrônicos de todo o país. Os dois ícones que se abatem sobre o Brasil desde o início da falência múltipla da Nova República se separam. Por um lado, Sergio Fernando Moro, típico concurseiro carreirista, que se serve do aparelho de Estado para a promoção pessoal, se afasta. Posando de bom moço, confessou apenas uma suposição de crime: pediu pensão para caso sua esposa ficasse viúva com ele à frente do Ministério da Justiça da extrema-direita. Do outro lado da Esplanada, esquentando os motores com um discurso de três infindáveis páginas (das quais ele só se dignou a ler depois de mandar em cana a sogra e a família da esposa, se orgulhar do “filho garanhão do condomínio” e misógino asqueroso, dentre tantas pérolas), Jair Messias Bolsonaro fala de improviso na linguagem da sofrência do sertanojo que despreza o caipira. read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Διάφορα / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Wednesday April 22, 2020 20:57 by μιγάδα   image 1 image
Πρέπει να μιλάμε μεταξύ μας, να παίρνουμε δύναμη η μία από την άλλη, και κυρίως να διατηρούμε τις συλλογικές μας δυνατότητες για την κριτική κατανόηση του κόσμου μας. Όπως ακριβώς κάναμε και το προηγούμενο διάστημα, μόνο που τώρα κάτι τέτοιο γίνεται ακόμα πιο επιτακτικό. read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / miscellaneous / opinião / análise Monday April 20, 2020 07:53 by BrunoL   image 1 image
Apontamos a possibilidade concreta do caminho do rumo a alguma forma de paralisia decisória, a chaga das instituições liberais burguesas. Tal fato se dá pelo conflito de poderes constituídos entre o presidente Jair Bolsonaro (seu Gabinete do Ódio, ministros incondicionais e seu gado alucinado), a incompleta Junta Ministerial (supostamente comandada pelo general Braga Netto) e a defesa do modelo econômico austericida e sociopata. read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Διάφορα / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Wednesday April 15, 2020 20:25 by Αναρχοκομμουνιστικές οργανώσεις   image 1 image
Θεωρούμε ότι είναι καιρός να επανεξετάσουμε πλήρως τη λειτουργία της κοινωνίας, αναζητώντας την ικανοποίηση των αναγκών όλων. Μπορούμε να βρούμε τρόπους και μηχανισμούς φροντίδας και προστασίας της φύσης για να εγγυηθούμε ζωή. Μπορούμε να τερματίσουμε αυτό το σύστημα, θέτοντας όλα τα μέσα παραγωγής και διανομής στα χέρια της εργατικής τάξης, αντικαθιστώντας την οικονομία της αγοράς με μια κοινωνικοποιημένη και αυτάρκη οικονομία και το κράτος με ένα αυτόνομο ομοσπονδιοποιημένο σύστημα. Είναι επιτακτική ανάγκη να ενισχυθούμε εν μέσω αυτής της κρίσης σε αυτή την κατεύθυνση, υφαίνοντας δεσμούς αλληλεγγύης στη βάση, ενισχύοντας τις λαϊκές οργανώσεις και οικοδομώντας στην ουσία ένα αληθινό Μέτωπο των Καταπιεσμένων Τάξεων, το οποίο θα μπορεί να οργανώσει τους αγώνες του σήμερα και του αύριο στην αναζήτηση. μιας ελευθεριακής, φεντεραλιστικής κοινωνίας με άμεση δημοκρατία. read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Διάφορα / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Wednesday April 15, 2020 20:12 by Αναρχοκομμουνιστικές οργανώσεις   image 1 image
Το 2020 ξεκίνησε με κάποιες αλλαγές σε περιφερειακό επίπεδο, και ειδικά με τη συνέχιση της τεράστιας και απίστευτης κινητοποίησης του Χιλιανού λαού. Αυτή η κοινωνική εξέγερση, η οποία διεξάγεται πάνω από 100 ημέρες, έχει αλλάξει την κοινωνική και πολιτική κατάσταση της χώρας, και έχει επηρεάσει ολόκληρη την περιοχή. Αναδύθηκε μια νέα κατάσταση που, όπως έχουμε γράψει σε προηγούμενη ανάλυση, εντάσσεται στο πλαίσιο των μαζικών λαϊκών κινητοποιήσεων, όπως αυτές εκδηλώθηκαν στις κοινότητες των λατινοαμερικανών (στην Αϊτή, τον Ισημερινό και άλλες χώρες με μικρότερη ένταση). Όπως μπορούμε να δούμε, είναι η στιγμή που οι άνθρωποι βρίσκονται στο δρόμο, είναι καιρός αγώνα. read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / miscellaneous / anarchist communist event Monday April 13, 2020 11:06 by ViaLibre   image 1 image
Encuentros Ácratas: Análisis del periodo 2010-2019 en América Latina y elementos de la coyuntura actual read full story / add a comment
Ινδονησία / Φιλιππίνες / Αυστραλία / Διάφορα / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Sunday April 12, 2020 15:34 by Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group   image 1 image
Η Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group (Αναρχική Κομμουνιστική Ομάδα Μελβο-ύρνης καλεί τους αναρχικούς να ξεκινήσουν και τις ομάδες βάσης στα συνδικάτα να αγωνιστούν για την απάντηση των εργαζομένων στην πανδημία του κορονοϊού. Οι εργαζόμενοι πρέπει να χρησιμοποιήσουν κάθε δύναμη και εξουσιοδότηση διαθέτουν στους χώρους εργασίας ώστε να αναγκάσουν το κλείσιμο μη βασικών βιομηχανιών, την επαρκή προστασία της υγείας και της ασφάλειας και την παροχή εισοδήματος για όλους. Εάν τα αιτήματα αυτά κερδίσουν την υποστήριξη των εργαζόμενων, η συνδικαλιστική γραφειοκρατία είτε θα πρέπει να παραδώσει τα συνδικάτα στη βάση τους είτε να εξοστρακισθεί μια για πάντα. read full story / add a comment
Credit: Stephanie McMillan
indonesia / philippines / australia / miscellaneous / opinion / analysis Saturday April 11, 2020 08:58 by Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group   image 1 image
The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group calls on Anarchists to start rank and file groups in the unions to fight for a workers’ response to the coronavirus pandemic. Workers need to use workplace power to force the closure of non-essential industries, adequate protection of health and safety and the provision of a living income for all. If a groundswell for these demands gains strength, the officials will have either to give in to the rank and file, or be swept aside. In the course of this struggle over immediate issues, workers will raise broader demands, both about the management of the pandemic (e.g. civil liberties) and the sort of society we want afterwards. And it is in the context of this struggle that we can begin to win the argument for Anarchist Communism and to build the movement for a workers’ revolution that can create it. read full story / add a comment
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