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Central Asia

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Note: Articles classified as "non anarchist press" are published in this section of the site. They do not usually reflect the opinions of nor of the organizations who run this site and are included by reason of their possible interest to readers. The opinions expressed in any such articles are exclusively those of the articles' authors.
asia central / imperialismo / guerra / non-anarchist press venerdì febbraio 22, 2019 - 13:09 byRafael Poch de Feliu
Hace cuarenta años el ejército soviético entró en Afganistán. Aquel diciembre de 1979 hacia ya cinco meses que el Presidente Carter y su consejero de seguridad, el fanático antiruso de origen polaco Zbigniew Brzezinski, habían iniciado, con sus amigos saudíes, una multimillonaria ayuda para fomentar, financiar y armar un integrismo sunita en Afganistán. Los celebres muyaidines, “luchadores por la libertad”. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / the left / non-anarchist press mercoledì gennaio 10, 2018 - 19:48 byFarooq Tariq
Communists have won a landslide victory in the elections for House of Representatives of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal held in two phases on 26th November and 7th December 2017. In a parliament of 275, the elections were held for 165 seats under the first past the post system (FPTP) and the rest, 110 seats, were by proportional system. Farooq Tariq visited Nepal for four days after the election results were announced from 13/17 December 2017 and reports. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press martedì settembre 15, 2015 - 23:37 byAzmat Khan
The United States trumpets education as one of its shining successes of the war in Afghanistan. But a BuzzFeed News investigation reveals U.S. claims were often outright lies, as the government peddled numbers it knew to be false and touted schools that have never seen a single student. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / the left / non-anarchist press venerdì marzo 15, 2013 - 21:49 byNoaman G. Ali
"I just want to help children,” a voice called out in English from a clothing store in Thamel, a tourist area of Kathmandu, Nepal's capital city. I saw a young white woman walking out of the store, and my curiosity got the better of me. “You want to help children?” I called out. It was a dark, cold January evening and the narrow streets were lit largely from stores which had no front walls and the signs that hung over them. The woman stopped and turned around. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / the left / non-anarchist press martedì giugno 19, 2012 - 23:35 byAlex de Jong
After ten years of Maoist insurgency and a coup d'état by the king in 2005, the Nepali people took to the streets in April 2006, forcing the king to hand power back to the parliament. It was the end of the only Hindu kingdom in the world but only a new step in the country's continuing political crisis. The Maoist party, the UCPN(M) has entered into a crisis itself and a split has become inevitable.
... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
asia central / imperialismo / guerra / non-anarchist press venerdì gennaio 06, 2012 - 05:37 byPágina /12
Los talibán se habían declarado en la víspera dispuestos a disponer de una oficina política fuera de Afganistán para negociaciones de paz, un primer paso histórico tras diez años de conflicto con el gobierno afgano y sus aliados de la OTAN. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press mercoledì ottobre 19, 2011 - 21:56 byMegan Iorio
This weekend marked a new milestone for the war in Afghanistan: the total number of US troops killed in the war has doubled since President Obama took office, according to and our US Troops in Afghanistan: Obama vs Bush web counter. That means that two-thirds of the total US troop deaths have occurred in the last two years and eight months, which accounts for roughly a third of the duration of the war to date. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press lunedì settembre 12, 2011 - 20:34 byRobert D. Crews
The US and NATO war in Afghanistan is in its tenth year, yet many fear the Taliban is poised to return to power. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / the left / non-anarchist press martedì settembre 06, 2011 - 21:14 byRoshan Kissoon   text 2 comments (last - venerdì settembre 23, 2011 - 05:47)
On the recent election victory of the Nepali Maoists; how the Maoist leaders ended a revolution and joined the political establishment. The dangers of authoritarian leadership. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
asie centrale / impérialisme / guerre / presse non anarchiste venerdì marzo 25, 2011 - 18:06   image 1 image
Les forces américaines en Afghanistan s’attendent à de possibles émeutes déclenchées par la publication de photographies montrant des «trophées de guerre» pris par des soldats américains posant avec les corps de civils afghans qu’ils ont eux-mêmes tué. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press sabato dicembre 25, 2010 - 04:18 byMichael Skinner
Many of the Canadian military, police, and civilian personnel who risk their lives in Afghanistan truly believe they are fighting a just war of good against evil. But America's and Britain's claims that the unsanctioned unilateral invasion of Afghanistan, which began the Global War on Terror, was justified by the terrorist attacks of 9/11 are as credible as claims the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian terrorist justified Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia to begin WWI.

... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press venerdì dicembre 17, 2010 - 07:05 byJohn Riddell
Mike Skinner, co-founder of the Afghanistan-Canadian Research Group and a researcher at the York Centre for International and Security Studies in Toronto, believes a simple question is being left out of the debate about Canada's continued military involvement in Afghanistan: ”Why are we there?” It is a no-brainer to ask this but there are no easy answers it appears.

To understand the goals of Canada's role, he said, we need to examine the forms of intervention under current consideration as alternatives to Ottawa's combat mission in Kandahar. During extensive travels in Afghanistan in 2007, Skinner studied firsthand Canada's intervention, assisted by Afghan-Canadian reporter Hamayon Rastgar, and has written widely on this question. The two men formed, along with fellow-researcher Angela Joya, the Afghanistan-Canadian Research Group.

When considering the example of Canada's supposed “humanitarian” aid projects, which the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois propose as an alternative to a military mission, Skinner emphasises the limitations of the approach and the bad feelings it can engender.

“Canadian aid agencies in Afghanistan have to follow the orders of the military,” he says. “Aid is meted out as rewards to co-operative communities and withdrawn from others as punishment.”

It was not always the case. “Canadian development and aid agencies – like Care Canada and the Red Cross – had been working in Afghanistan, through all the upheavals in government, the Soviet occupation, and then, after 1992, the Mujahedeen period, and, after 1996, under the Taliban regime. They operated in very difficult conditions, negotiating with the government in power,” Skinner says. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / imperialism / war / non-anarchist press martedì maggio 04, 2010 - 22:01 byMark Weisbrot
The war has dragged on long after the public turned against it – but a rebellion in the US Congress could speed our exit ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / the left / non-anarchist press martedì aprile 27, 2010 - 07:36 byJed Brandt
“You must come to Kathmandu with shroud cloth wrapped around your heads and flour in your bags. It will be our last battle. If we succeed, we survive, else it will be the end of our party.”

— General Secretary Badal of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
central asia / the left / non-anarchist press sabato gennaio 24, 2009 - 06:44 byRoshan Kissoon   text 1 comment (last - martedì gennaio 27, 2009 - 02:55)
The Marxist-Leninist tendency to centralise all power in one place, in one person, has proved both effective and ineffective. This tendency seems effective in countries like Nepal, where many people can neither read nor write, and the political tradition demands a single strong leader. In the leader, the people find a reflection of themselves, a leader who can say what they wish to say, and lead them to where they cannot go themselves. However, this form of leadership causes many problems, as the leader becomes more than human, and the person of the leader becomes inseparable from the political line. ... leggi tutto / aggiungi un commento
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George Floyd: one death too many in the “land of the free”

Central Asia

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khazajstan_2.jpg imageKasachstan: Polizei richtet Massaker unter ÖlarbeiterInnen an 22:18 mer 21 dic by Freie ArbeiterInnen Union 0 comments

Seit mehr als sechs Monaten streiken in der kasachischen Provinz Mangystau tausende von ÖlarbeiterInnen gegen Ausbeutung und für höhere Löhne. Mehr als 1.000 wurden wegen des Streiks gefeuert. Am 16. Dezember griff die Polizei des diktatorischen Regimes eine Kundgebung in der Stadt Zhanaozen (Jañaözen) an. Nach Berichten von AugenzeugInnen soll es dabei bis zu 70 Tote und 700 bis 800 Verletzte unter den Streikenden und ihren UnterstützerInnen gegeben haben.

khazajstan.jpg imageGreva lucratorilor petrolieri din Janaozen, Kazahstan 22:06 mer 21 dic by Initiativa Anarho-Sindicalista din Romania 0 comments

Cel putin 70 de morti si 700 de raniti. Se trage in continuare in oameni.

textΓενική απεργία στη&#... 15:43 lun 26 mar by Internationalist Striker 0 comments

Στο κρατίδιο της Δυτικής Βεγγάλης της Ινδίας καλέστηκε γενική απεργία μετά από τη δολοφονία 14 διαδηλωτών την Τετάρτη 21 Μάρτη.

textΕξέγερση στην Κίνα 10:32 gio 15 mar by Ret Marut 0 comments

Περίπου 20.000 αγρότες και απολυμένοι εργάτες εξεγέρθηκαν και συγκρούστηκαν με περίπου 1.000 αστυνομικούς.

textGeneral-secretary of Siberian Confederation of Labour (SKT) arrested 19:56 lun 27 nov by Will Firth / Yelena Starostina 0 comments

For the July 2006 anti-G8 meeting in Russia in Saint Petersburg, Vassily Starostin, the general secretary of the anarcho-syndicalist SKT, and his 14 year-old son were stopped on their train by the Ekaterinburg police with the accusation of criminal case.

text2 χρόνια φυλάκιση γι... 09:38 mer 14 dic by Azar Majedi 0 comments

Translation in Greek of «2 Years In Jail For Criticising Islam»

text2 Years In Jail For Criticising Islam in Afghanistan 19:45 ven 09 dic by WCPI 0 comments

The Islamic state of Afghanistan has sentenced Ali Mohaqeq Nasab, executive manager of Women's Right journal to two years imprisonment for criticising Islam.

textChinese anarchists in the 1920's USA - the Equality Society 13:10 lun 31 ott by mitch 4 comments

In the period before the Chinese revolution Chinese anarchists were also active in the USA - in particular the 'Equality society'. This article includes complete transcriptions, including original errors, of two articles from that time on The Equality Society

Ba Jin imageChinese anarchist Ba Jin dies age 101 in Shanghai 22:23 mar 18 ott by Joe Black 4 comments

Xinhua has reported the death of the Chinese anarchist Ba Jin after a six year battle with cancer. In 1919 he was part of the Chinese anarchist group 'Company of Equals' that organised demonstrations against the warlords and distributed revolutionary leaflets.

textUnrest Grows in China 13:21 lun 04 lug by Ba Jin 1 comments

This article appeared in Melbourne Indymedia in Saturday July 02, 2005

more >>

imagePuò la morte di Osama significare davvero la fine dell'occupazione dell'Afghanistan? giu 13 by John E. Jacobsen 0 comments

Le notizie di questo mese sulla morte di Osama bin Laden hanno scatenato festeggiamenti diffusi: migliaia di americani, affascinati dall'idea dell'uccisione del criminale più ricercato dagli USA, hanno festeggiato l'avvenimento riunendosi in luoghi pubblici e sventolando la bandiera americana. [English]

imageCould Osama’s Death Really Mean the end of Afghanistan’s Occupation? mag 27 by John E Jacobsen 0 comments

“Late Sunday night local time, two U.S. helicopters from Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and carrying Team Six SEALs flew in low from Afghanistan… The raid began on the smaller of two buildings in [Bin Laden's] compound, where [Bin Laden's] couriers were believed to live. The raid then moved to the larger three-story building.

“Two Bin Laden couriers were killed, as was Osama Bin Laden’s son Khalid and a woman. Two women were injured. Children were present in the compound but were not harmed. U.S. officials said that bin Laden was asked to surrender but did not. He was shot in the head and then shot again to make sure he was dead.”

imageLa Mujer en Afganistán, Hoy mag 02 by ALB Noticias 0 comments

Nota de ALB -En línea con la entrevista que hicimos a Mariam Rawi, militante de RAWA, ( publicamos a continuación el texto de las charlas que durante estos días ha dado por varias ciudades del Estado, y que ella misma nos ha facilitado.

imageTowards an anarchist history of the Chinese revolution feb 16 by Andrew Flood 0 comments

Outside of a few events including the Long March and the Shanghai commune the development of the Chinese revolution is relatively unknown on the western left in comparison with the revolutions in Russia in 1917, Spain in 1936 or even the Paris spring of 1968. Those sections of that left influenced by or proclaiming themselves to be Maoist haven't helped that situation much. Their histories have tended towards simple tales focusing on the role of one man and collapsed a 100-year history of revolution into the events important to him. [Italiano]

imageNepal: la victoria se torna amarga gen 27 by Ret Marut 0 comments

Desde que los maoístas salieron en las elecciones de abril de 2008 como el partido más votado (aunque sin mayoría absoluta) para liderar la nueva coalición gubernamental, han fracasado en resolver las divisiones existentes – en su propio partido, en el sistema político parlamentario y en su clase dirigente – o en las intricadas tensiones sociales, de castas y étnicas existentes en toda la sociedad. De hecho, todas estas divisiones se han agravado. Y desde noviembre una oleada de huelgas se ha extendido por el país.

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