Wellington Anti-Fascist Rally 2008

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A rally was held on Saturday 25th October 2008 in Wellington, New Zealand/Aotearoa in opposition to the fascist Nationalist Alliance.

Approximately 70 anti-fascists mobilised in Wellington on Saturday 27th October in opposition to a fascist rally held outside parliament. The rally was called by an umbrella group styling itself the Nationalist Alliance. The NA consists of small grouplets of fascists who have bickered in recent years but have finally managed to regain some tactical unity while maintaining their separate organisations. Their leadership consists of the same individuals who have been prominent among them for decades, accompanied by the same motley collection of skinheads and hangers on.

The fascists assembled outside parliament and made speeches to themselves, including one by a guest speaker from Australia who has been active in various groups for 40 years. Anti-fascists counter demonstrated, following the fascists to the nearby station as they left. A projectile was thrown in the direction of the retreating Nazis, leading to 2 arrests and a minior scuffle with police.

Though able to get relatively better numbers than in recent years, given the personnel involved, there is no indication the fascists of Aotearoa are heading for any success in the future and the actions of the Anti-fa will only add to this fact.

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