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Anarchist demonstration in Hiroshima on 6 Aug 2005

category eastern asia | anarchist movement | press release author Thursday August 04, 2005 04:09author by rebel_JILL - Rebel Factory/ osaka Report this post to the editors

anti-Nuke, anti-governments anti military

Anarchists in Japan are holding a demonstration in Hiroshima on 6th August which will highlight the military bases in Hiroshima (Japanese Navy, US Marine and Japanese army HQ) and that they are being used in the wars in Afganastan and Iraq.

*Nigra Flago in Hiroshima on 6 Aug 2005

On early morning of 6 August 2005, anarchists living in japanese islands(tokio, osaka, hiroshima...und so weiter) will hold a "anti-Nuke, anti-governments" gathering in Hiroshima city.

*Nigra Flago in Hiroshima on 6 Aug 2005('Circled A')

saluton from osaka, a part of jap islands. this is a greeting of a
rebel from jap islands. by the way, on early morning of 6 August 2005,
anarchists living in japanese islands(tokio, osaka, hiroshima...und so
weiter) will hold a "anti-Nuke, anti-governments" gathering in Hiroshima
city. Hiroshima is a famous city as the first "a-bombed city" on the
earth. so many people in Hiroshima were dead by an explosion of A-bomb
by U$A.(many koreans/chineses died, and survivors of those have not
been treated as the "Hibaku-sya(survivors of the a-bombing/people
engaged in rescue on radiation area of hiroshima city)" for many years
by jap government. captured U$ airforce soldiers died by a-bomb. also
some anarchists died by A-bomb.) also so many people in Hiroshima kept
on suffering from radioactivity, and died. still now, victims die one by
one. from Fascists till most of leftists chant "no more Hiroshima" or
"No Nuke!" only.(of cource, also japanese mayor of fascist KKKoiZumi
will say the words like those on 6 august in Heiwa-kouen(=peace park),

i think "that is so weird".(my anarchists' comrades think so too.) ...on the contrary, Hiroshima bay
area has some important military bases and military relations.(remember,
even in the moment of the "ceremony of praying for the peace" in
hiroshima, on 8:15, 6 August 2005, THEY ALL ACT!):
*Kure-city(near the Hiroshima) has so important japanese navy's(we do
not call it as the JSDF!) base and relation factories.
*Iwakuni-city(near the Hiroshima) has an important base of "U$ marine
corp". from this base, "U$ marine corp" sent/sends many soldiers to
Afgan/Iraq to invade those areas.
*Hiroshima-city has an important HQ of the japanese military.

still now, "bloody side of Hiroshima" continues to support the war to
the people. many of foxy political propaganda say: "we send the voices
of peace from Hiroshima".

YA BASTA! "THEIR PEACE" means people's blood
and death! so, we strongly shout: "Governments and its subjects, we do
"Rebellions NOT FAKED PEACE!",
"real terrible Terrorist is governments & capitalists, and also politicians!"...usw.

if you will visit to Hiroshima on before 8:15 6 August 2005 in front of
the Ruin of A-bombing(GENBAKU-DOMU-MAE), you will be able to see some
nigra flagoj(black flags). if so, join us! also, if you will visit to
Hiroshima on the evening of 5 August 2005, you will be able to join us
in front of the Hiroshima central post office at 19:00.

thanx. NO PASARAN!!

in solidarity.(rebel_JILL/ from a roadside of osaka)
PS) your solidarity messages are welcome by our comrades! please send to: rebel_factory(no scums!)

W=======[JapanRailways Hiroshima station]==========E
+----------------------------------+ [HiroDen station]--------
| |
[Hiroshima Central P.O.]

author by Oliver - Capital Terminuspublication date Fri Aug 05, 2005 00:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Neat stuff about the demo, haven't heard anything from Japanese anarchists since I met some at the Million Workers March, but it's always good to hear new stuff from other countries.

Anyways, here's my question in case this group reads this site, or if anyone else knows: Is this an anarchist group which uses Esperanto? The words 'Saluton' and 'Nigraj Flagoj' are straight out of Esperanto...

author by rebel_JILL - rebel_factory/ ex_"la organo de federacio anarkiista, japanio"publication date Fri Aug 05, 2005 09:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors


saluton again. i am an activist of homeless liberation struggle in osaka, japanese islands. i often use some words of "esperantoj".
for, i studied esperanto a little by myself. in japanese islands, old anarkiistoj often use esperanto as a
"no imperialistic language". in these islands, an anarchist=Sakae Oosugi helped to teach the esperanto on early 20 century. he supported to establish an "association of esperanto in japan". unfortunately, most of youth-anarkiistoj do not study esperanto at all. so, some of them might say "i do not know the language of esperanto, are there any esperantists in the anarchists' movement?" however, in japanese islands, some members of SAT are there. and on early 90's in japanese islands, "la Libera Volo"=organo de federacio anarkiista, japanio
used a part of esperanto articles. dankon. Ghis revido!



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author by KATpublication date Fri Aug 05, 2005 14:37author email madness_of_civilization at yahoo dot comauthor address Manila, phone Report this post to the editors

Hi! it's good to see Japanese anarchists givin updates on this site.

For the past few months we've been tryin to contact Japanese/koreans/Chinese anarchists for the upcoming "inter-Border gathering" we've initiated in south east asia, we plan to conduct the said event next month (sept.) in malaysia.

Tomorrow we will be having an online meet on Yahoo conference at 7 pm (Phils. time) . Please add my YM id above - madness_of_civilization if you want to be included on the preparation for the said event.

stay in touch.

yours in solidarity,


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author by Oliver - Capital Terminuspublication date Sat Aug 06, 2005 14:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Yes, there are many interesting links between Esperanto and Anarchism in 'the West' that I've run across as well. For instance:

According to Alexandre Skirda at the international anarchist congress there was a motion to use Esperanto in communication. I think he dates this at 1904, which would be a year before the first international Esperanto congress.

Also according to Skirda, Nestor Makhno learned Esperanto while he was in prison in exile.

I've also read that anarchist youth in Portugal learned Esperanto in the early part of the century.

Anyways I've wanted to find anarchists from other countries who spoke esperanto, because so far the only ones i've seen were in the Anarchist Federation (UK).

My esperanto skills are middle-strength, but i've wanted to start an anarchist translation collective for quite some time, which could for instance translate from polish to japanese using esperanto.

author by yerry - Jakarta Anarkispublication date Mon Aug 08, 2005 19:15author email arm_da_spirit at yahoo dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

no nuke, no goverment !!!

jakarta, indonesia

author by J.B. Arend - De Vrijepublication date Sun Aug 14, 2005 21:17author email Arend at devrije dot nlauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

In the old Dutch anarchist movement before 1940 most young anarchists learned Esperanto. After an international meeting in Soest (1926) the Anarchist Youth International was formed and the Dutch youth tried to set up an international bulletin in Esperanto. They failed because there wasn't enough money to do so. (An old intelligence report stated the boys in quetion used the money for themselves...) From this you may conclude Esperanto was also an issue in the anarchist youth movement in Germany, Belgium and France. Also the anarchist weekly 'De Arbeider' (yes the Dutch movement was quite strong) published in the twenties a course about how to learn Esperanto.
Many of these Dutch anarchist were members of SAT and promoted Esperanto until the eighties. In the Netherlands there a still a few younger anarchists who promote Esperanto. At our yearly gathering in Appelscha (see they sometimes plan meetings about the subject. But it is not a very popular subject, and a bit oldfashioned, due to the fact everyone speaks English these days.

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author by Aleks - AJNEpublication date Sat Sep 24, 2005 17:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hej! You asked, if there is some anarchist esperantists...
AJNE (anyhow): Anarkiista Junularo Nun Esperantu (The anarchist youth now in esperanto) but the site is broken...

(excuse me for my poor englishlanguagewriting, but i never leanr this language)

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author by Rudolf Mühland - FAU-IAApublication date Wed Mar 07, 2007 18:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

dear comrades!

i'm looking for contacts (mail and homepages/blogs) with anarchists in "nippon"

please get in toch with me an send me some adresses .-) i will publich them on our homepage (

best wisches

Rudolf Mühland

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