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Athens: The television's human, the slumbering human

category greece / turkey / cyprus | community struggles | other libertarian press author Sunday December 14, 2008 23:37author by epoliticusauthor email epoliticus at gmail dot com Report this post to the editors

The people around us sleep. But the question is why are they asleep.

An entry from the blog of the occupation of the Athens University of Economics & Business, which was published on Sunday, 14 December 2008 (4:27 a.m.).

The people around us sleep. But the question is why are they asleep.

Why all of this anti-popular information from MME? Why do they attempt to disguise the facts that surround us? Why do they attempt to make us sleep?

All of these 'whys'! Many 'whys' have accumulated in our midst! The time has come for the people to emerge from this oppression that has been imposed by MME and its ilk!

But the question is by what method. How, friends, how?

The common people are kept in their place, believe, and are made to believe that they are free.

Most of the people are asleep in a slumber, they want us to believe that all of this is finished, that all of this was 'a fact of life' like all the others, and that it has simply ended!

But how has it ended?

The issue is how has all of this started now: all are attempting to end it, having the effect of creating a slumber among the common people. The common people have no means to sufficiently inform themselves and cease to believe in a better future, stop hoping, stop thinking, stop analyzing and hence cease to be free since thinking has ceased!

They do not know how to stop being the peon of MME and the system!

The only way to think is for there to be action!

The people must constitute themselves into democratic assemblies, go out onto the streets, stand beside us, and pronounce that we are not asleep.

Let us hope my friends in a better future in which we are not under the occupation of a junta.

A friend, companion, and fighter!

Translator's note:
The meaning of the acronym MME is unknown to me but given the context it appears to refer to a Greek media outlet. The final line of the entry seems to identify the author.

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