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Greece: 1.000 strong Anarchist Demo against State Oppression

category greece / turkey / cyprus | repression / prisoners | other libertarian press author giovedì febbraio 02, 2006 06:24author by @ Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

1,000 strong Anarchist Demo against Antiterrorist Measures - State Oppression - Media Misinformation and in solidarity to 3 imprisoned anarchists in Greece

A big and dynamic demo of approximately 1.000 @narchists and @nti-authoritarians took place yesterday in Athens as a manifestation of solidarity to 3 anarchist prisoners ...

A big and dynamic demo of approximately 1.000 @narchists and @nti-authoritarians took place yesterday in Athens as a manifestation of solidarity to 3 anarchist prisoners ( and against the Antiterrorist Measures, Antiterrorist Scenarios, State Oppression, Media Misinformation ( and .

People started to gather at 18:00 at Propylaia in the city centre and the demo begun around 19:00, lasted for almost an hour and moved through the main streets of Athens city centre, Panepistimou St., Omonoia Sq., Stadiou St. the greek parliament and back to Propylaia.

The riot police surrounded the block at all times and at certain points there was a lot of tension between the two sides.

For photos from the demo see here:


author by Alexandros - nonepublication date ven feb 03, 2006 00:18author address author phone Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Anarchists in Greece are simple hooligans that you will most probably find in a soccer field trying to hit any other person who doesn’t wear the same colour as them, they have no clue about anything that is going on and satisfy themselves by burning few cars a week, for no reason, under the pretext they are anarchists or that “this cars belongs to some one of the opposite team!” Then when the police get hold of one of them, they burn even more cars and create trouble for all the Athenian population! They are such cowards that for the last 20 years they burn cars and fight against the police in front of the polytechnic university of Athens not because the place has any importance to them in any ideological kind of way, but simply because the police has not the right to enter any university in Greece by presidential decree, and when things get tough they escape by entering it. The problem is that the police are not arresting them and the trouble continues... I will give you an example, for each 100 cars that they burn 1 person or 2 get to go to the police station and then the charges are usually dropped because their fellow hooligans create even more trouble because of them, and the state is not willing to do anything about it for the reason that they do not want them to be seen as some kind of military junta Greece had in the 70's.
P.S: If you do not belive me go to Athens and park your car near the polytechnic UNI... ;-)

author by Andrew - Anarkismopublication date ven feb 03, 2006 19:57author address author phone Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

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author by Dmitri - Anarkismo - OAEpublication date sab feb 04, 2006 13:06author email outetheos at yahoo dot com dot auauthor address author phone Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Of what Alexandros says about the Greek anarchists, maybe some of them are right. The cars burnings etc etc yes are events that happen almost every day. But he also ignores the existence of other anarchist groups that are not like those who called hooligans. And also in a demonstration of about 1000 people (and this is one of the medium size demos in Athens because other times there are more participants) it is impossible all of them to be simply hooligans etc etc. The other important thing that Alexandrso propably can't see is the possible action by agent provocateours something the greek police and other repressive services have a long histoiry in the last 25-30 years. We have some allegations that the recent attack against Polyzogopoulos was one of these polie backed provocations etc.. Alexandros ignores that there is a small Anarchist Federation consists mostly of anarchists from other places than Athens which tries to organise some very different stuff and actions, participate in local struggles, and tries to make a serious critique against the state exploitation and oppession and to promote a serious anarchist class struggle program. This Federation which is the Federation of Anarchists of Greece (Omospondia Anarxikon Elladas - OAE) because of their positions and beliefs as well as other small groups and also individuals are suffering by the angryness and the insurrectional type violence of the others Alexandros describes as hooligans. Not all Greek anarchists are hooligans, but unfortunatelly the hooliganistic, only violent and non class struggle anarchism and anarchocommunism has a dominant position in the antiauthoritarian movement of this country. OAE and other comrades are whatever they can to give anarchist ideas a broader class struggle orientation. Alexandros can also read many positive comments by anarchists against the recent bank robbery and the more recent attack against Polyzogopoulos. Alexandros we are against this misanthropy that some in Greece consider as anarchism too. And if you want more information, printed stuff from OAE or simply a serious chat about OAE and everything regarding the greek anarchism, its history, its current appeal etc just feel free to contact us in the email address given above.

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