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category mashriq / arabia / iraq | imperialism / war | news report author marted aprile 25, 2017 20:09author by KNK Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Turkish warplanes bombed Şengal (Sinjar-Iraq/Kurdistan) and Drik (Karaok-Rojava/Kurdistan).

According to the latest information, 26 Turkish warplanes attacked Amd and Geliy Kers of Şengal/Sinjar. The bombardment is still going on. It has been learned that prior to the aerial operation, communication networks had been completely cut in Drik and its surrounding areas.

Many civilian Kurds and Kurdish fighters were killed and wounded

Last night, Turkish warplanes bombed Deng Roajva Radio and IRA-FM and also YPG headquarter in Karaok of Drik city. In relation to the attack, YPG general commander released a statement in which he called upon the Rojavian people to stand up for themselves. YPG statement declared; On Tuesday 25 April, at 02:00 oclock, Turkish warplanes launched an intensive air attack on YPG headquarter in Karaok in the vicinity of Drik. The press and publication centre, the radio, the communication centre and a number of military organisations are located in Karaok. As a result of this brutal attack, a number of our fighters lost their lives while some others got wounded. Their identity will be announced later.

As the YPG, the statement continued, we reiterate that such a coward attack will not affect our will and determination for freedom against terror. Also, we call upon the Rojavian people with all its diversities to align themselves with their legitimate defence forces, reinforcing them in the face of such offensive.

Turkish state terror must end and the coalition forces should not be silent.

PYDs co-president announced that such air attacks are carried out in order to provide support to the ISIS. Owing to this, he continued, the coalition forces should clarify their stance. He also added; They [Turkish warplanes] attack a society that is fighting against terrorism. The coalition forces should not remain silent against this. Nobody should accept this attack.
Turkey wants to neutralise Raqqa Operation

The Syrian Democratic Assembly (MSD) affirmed in a statement that such attack would only serve to strengthen their determination against terror.
The MSDs statement reads as follow: While the Raqqa operation is underway and our forces are gaining upper hand against the ISIS, Turkish warplanes are bombing our headquarters in Karaok and Şengal areas. These attacks show that the Turkish state wants to neutralise Raqqa Operation in order to give a breathing space to the ISIS.

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   italian translation     Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA    mer apr 26, 2017 01:48 

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