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Iberia | Indigenous struggles

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We choose to fight! On October 3rd, everyone on general strike!

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category iberia | indigenous struggles | press release author martedì ottobre 03, 2017 07:05author by Anarchist Catalonia Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

"Unions, organisations and collectives here signing this call intend to communicate to the workers and to all the popular classes our position about recent events that occured in the streets of our villages, towns and cities."

United call for general strike from libertarian unions, organisations and assemblies of Catalonia

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Unions, organisations and collectives here signing this call intend to communicate to the workers and to all the popular classes our position about recent events that occured in the streets of our villages, towns and cities.

For years, we have observed the escalation of tensions in a now historical conflict which aimed to reduce the fundamental rights of the population. We come from a political and syndical tradition which has always defended the rights and the freedoms of the oppressed class and has taken to the streets when it was needed to get what allows us now to be the actors of our present and future out of the hands of the power.

As libertarian folks and active parts of unions, popular and associative movements of Catalonia, we will always defend the right to self-determination of the peoples – and this starts with ours. We believe this is a basic principle of confederalism and a needed condition for human coexistence in an egalitarian regime. We clearly state that no complete emancipation is possible without the previous path of eliminating the economical structure that restrain it, that is capitalism. As long as this didn’t happen, life conditions of the working class will still be crashed by an Spanish or Catalan oligarchy as they always work together when it comes to imposing labor counter-reforms or attacking social rights.

However, we aim to denounce the militarization and the repression we face from the Spanish State, as it shows now its real authoritarian face by imposing its views, no matter the consequences. We always fought against whoever tried to militarize Catalonia – or any other territory – to defeat the great popular protests and any desire of social emancipation.

We oppose the State repression because we already experienced it in a systematic and continuous way in our very bodies, in the streets and our workplaces. Therefore, we also want to denounce the repressive nature of the Generalitat de Catalunya which has persecuted, beaten, arrested and sent to prison all those who refused to look on this another side when civil and human rights were being smashed. We do not forget the way the Mossos d’Escuadra kicked us out of the Plaza Catalunya, arrested and prosecuted unionists for their participation in the demo which had circled the Parliament when our social rights were cut. We do not forget the comrades who were arrested and sentenced to prison with the massive police operations such as the recent Pandora operations, nor our dead and our mutilations. We will not let anyone take what is ours, no matter the colour of the flag he waves.

To our opinion, self-determination and emancipation of our villages and towns cannot be expressed solely through a concrete decision of territorial delimitation. Collective freedom will only be possible through determined action from the people and the workers against a State and political elites which maintain antisocial, heteropatriarchal and oppressive structures as some of the actors of Catalan sovereignty advocate. Self-determination and emancipation will only be possible through the rebellious action of the oppressed, namely the defense and the improvement of their material life conditions. The socialisation of the means of production and the wealth, the elimination of every form of oppression such as heteropatriarchy and its explicit as well as implicit power structures, broad freedom of decision and participation through direct action and self-governement are the key elements that could allow us to be truly free.

Therefore we believe that it is when the people constitutes itself as a political and class subject that, through this very process, major social change can occure and this is why we celebrate the extension of popular grassroot organisations to use disobedience and face the current authoritarian context. We wish this disobedient and confrontative behaviour against authority will go beyond and will be opposed to any injustice we face in every aspect of our lives.

For all these reasons, we make a call to the workers of Catalonia to take part in the mobilizations to defend our rights and freedoms and particularly to massively take part in the general strike of October, 3rd. Because the spirit of rebellion and fight that historically lives in this part of the world won’t disappear so easily, because we are the working class and we want to decide everything, it’s our turn to take to the streets, it’s our turn to fight !

Signatories :
CGT Catalonia
Negres Tempestes (Black Storms)
Embat, libertarian organisation of Catalonia
Heura Negra, libertarian assembly of Vallcarca
CNT Catalonia and Baleares
Oca Negra, libertarian assembly of the Clot-Camp de l’Arpa
Solidaritat Obrera (Workers’ Solidarity)

Translation (sorry for broken English) : International Relations of the Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes (CGA)

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