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In Volos we never get bored

category greece / turkey / cyprus | anarchist movement | press release author Thursday October 10, 2019 04:54author by Anarchist and feminist collectives Report this post to the editors

Inter-collective statement

This inter-collective statement is a completely public political position. We will continue to follow the same bright, but at the same time uphill and rugged path that we have drawn in this city, to the end. Whatever the end is…What we guarantee is that Volos will not become Amarynthos (In 2006 in the small city of Amarynthos a few students gang-raped an immigrant student and the local society made her and her mother get out of the town by supporting the rapists).

In Volos we never get bored ...Inter-collective statement

Early in the morning on Monday 23 September we found that the Atheneon’s sign (Libertarian Atheneon in Volos, Greece) at the entrance of the building had been written on. They were not fascist slogans, signs of ethnicist targets etc as would be the most likely and expected. It was a “different kind" of attack, with very specific and a manifested content. The purpose was not simply to blur the sign so that it would not be read. It was to declare that we are not libertarians but informers. This particular "rhetoric" of being informers is systematically used against comrades, including comrades / members of the Volos Libertarian Atheneon management assembly, for over 3 years in groups and hangouts, by specific “militiamen” of the “movement” and our city’s leftish political chameleons.

It began to be reproduced in late 2015 when a rape case was unfolded within the "local movement". Anyone who took a practical (and not just a theoretical and indefinable) position against gender-based violence, against its cover-up, its relativisation and normalisation, have been targeted by apologists (of both genders) of the rape culture accompanied by the classical rhetoric “slanderers who aim to split the movement”. This criminal propaganda in public space was first carried out (previously written through mailing lists of the “movement”) at 6 of December 2016 demonstration (Denounciation of the anarchist block of "The Others" for the attack we underwent in the 6th December 2016 demonstration where two people of another block attacked us with accusations of informing) and in the following months was accompanied by attacks, ambushes, etc. executed by willing dominant herds of thuggs. It is clear to us that vandalism on Atheneon’s sign is part of the same tactic. The plate was immediately cleaned. The luck this time was with the "night commando" part. In a potential of a next attempt they may not have such a luck.

The following day, Tuesday, 24 of September, during a feminist event at the Atheneon (The iceberg of gender violence by feminist collective Fuerza Femenina) and while the event was already underway, a person who participates in a space where supposedly self-organisation is practised but systematically for years, relativises and disguises gender-based violence, invaded the Atheneon's space / area. This certain individual has been actively contributing to the rape culture in the city, and has developed in an inter-disciplinary manner the "rational" exemption for rapists by saying that "after his testicles were blown away what could he do?”. She had also attempted to violate her previously reported exclusion (as a member of the participating space) at a public event of the Anarchist Collective mⒶnifesto (libertarian mobile bookstore), demanding to borrow a book. Both this individual and the others (older and younger) are anticipating in the space, are obviously excluded from the Atheneon's publicly disclosed value framework (Opening of Libertarian Atheneon of Volos). The safeguard of our general assembly prevented her from entering the event hall informing her that she had to leave the room, since she and the other people of her space have been excluded from the Atheneon. With shouts, jerks, pushing us and screams she tried to re-enter the event hall. She was evicted of the room with the guard group repeatedly and calmly blocking her.

Machiavelli's utterance of “the purpose sanctifies the means" has literally been worshiped in the so-called “competitive movement" of this city. The recipe is very old and simple. When their political agendas do not "walk", that is, they do not persuade, and do not, like the faithful soldiers behind them, at least the whole or the majority of the active political world of the city with a radicalised consciousness, then with a complete lack of substantive and realistic self-criticism propaganda and in a modern witch-hunt, target individuals and collectives as an "internal enemy" that "disrupts the movement" and accuse them for not engaging in their micro-political goals. Whatever goes beyond their political guardianship and influence that they cannot directly or indirectly manipulate, either individually or collectively, slander and target it in their political and social surroundings, and especially within the spaces and hangouts involved. Always with the classical Bolshevik methods of Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria propaganda (head of the Soviet apparatus for repression and Stalin's secret services): "scavengers", "suspects", "informers", "agents" etc. People of the “movement” who make gossip or remain lazy and silent, choosing the "equal distance" attitude, in this repeated misery for years, give them moral and political legitimacy to pursue this criminal propaganda and to upgrading it with occasional tramp attacks.

We will continue our work by maintaining this profound and unbridled value rupture with apologists of gender-based violence, whatever the ideological wrapper they may use, whatever markers and sprays they spend spewing feminist (delete of feminist stencils), "fixing" whatever they don't like ("fixing" of other collectives' street slogans/), vandalizing tabs with their theories about “informers” and the like. For years they have been trying to flush out by imposing forgetfulness on their patriarchal and antisocial crimes. They cultivate diligently and with sophisticated techniques in the spaces and hangouts that accommodate the apology of rape culture, having set up a well-designed political machine. They are now publicly and viciously identified as anti-sexists, seizing any opportunity they may have (murder of LGBTQIA activist Zak Kostopoulos, rape and femicide of student Eleni Topaloudi, etc.). But for gender-based violence in "radical spaces" the recipe changes and the banner of the notorious "presumption of innocence" of the rapists is immediately lifted up with deliberate cover-up, supposedly agnosticism and the well-known jurist reversal. At the same time they propagate where they can find the youngest in the "movement" their Stalinist insults.

At Volos Libertarian Atheneon we do not promote “alternative” subculture or micro-entrepreneurship, we do not support individual careers. The Atheneon is neither a party nor a concert space. The Libertarian Atheneon is contraindicated for demonstrating and promoting a 'potential' and so-called revolted macho lifestyle. Volos Libertarian Atheneon is neither a shop nor an alternative entertainment venue. Our site has an organised library with older and newer libertarian editions and a reading room. Anyone who intends to financially support the operation of the Atheneon can do so directly, without the mediation of alcohol. The means indicate the purpose, the purpose does not sanctify the means. The way the Atheneon operates is clear, as are the guarded values ​​within which the site is operated by its management assembly. Libertarian values ​​are not relevant, never in history were. They are not identified by the individual appetite appeals and desires. Which people are undesirable in the Atheneon area has been made public in our founding text of the operation and we uphold our values ​​by the end.

This inter-collective statement is a completely public political position. We will continue to follow the same bright, but at the same time uphill and rugged path that we have drawn in this city, to the end. Whatever the end is…What we guarantee is that Volos will not become Amarynthos (In 2006 in the small city of Amarynthos a few students gang-raped an immigrant student and the local society made her and her mother get out of the town by supporting the rapists).

Every storm starts with a drop …

Volos, 6 October 2019

Libertarian Atheneon of Volos (
Fuerza Femenina – Libertarian Feminist Collective (
Anarchist collective mⒶnifesto (
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