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The Europe they want to impose on us

category international | miscellaneous | press release author Friday October 19, 2007 16:40author by Federação Anarquista Comunista de Portugal - FACPauthor email facp-geral at riseup dot net Report this post to the editors

Leaflet by the Anarchist Communist Federation of Portugal

Leaflet distributed by members of the FACP today, 18th October, during the demonstration in Lisbon against the EU Treaty.

The Europe they want to impose on us

They want to impose a Europe on us that we have no choice in, about which we were never consulted, and which reveals their concept of democracy. This is not the Europe that we want, the Europe we have the right to live in.

Supported by big capital, they shamelessly lie with their propaganda, in the name of economic competitivity. They want to impose degrading living conditions on us and continue to gnaw away at our right to well-being. It is a declaration of war against all European workers.

We therefore denounce the pact between the European heads of States and Governments and the big economic and finance groups, who speak with a single voice. We will respond to this pact with unity. We will cry out with a single voice so that they will tremble at the sound of our protest, and we will take over the reins of our Europe, of the Europe that we want and we dream of.

So we say NO to all this:
  • NO to dismissals without just cause
  • NO to regulation of working hours
  • NO to reduced union rights for workers
  • NO to lower wages
  • NO to greater precarity
  • NO to the commercialization of education, healthcare and basic services.
And in case they do not hear us, we will also shout:

NO to the reformist Treaty of Europe
NO to Fortress Europe
NO to a Europe of the great and powerful
NO to institutionalized Capitalism.

To all this we propose a Europe of the people and for the people, a Europe of the workers, a Europe of solidarity, with no prejudices, that accepts the differences between us all, a Europe that does not discriminate against anyone, a EUROPE OF ALL and FOR ALL.

Federação Anarquista Comunista de Portugal


Translation by FdCA-International relations

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