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Latest additions to the Zabalaza Books site as of 30 March 2008

Anarchism Section

* The ABC of the Revolutionary Anarchist & On Revolutionary Discipline by Nestor Makhno (New Layout)

* Anarchism and Anarchy by Errico Malatesta (New Layout with missing footnotes added)

* A New World by the Class War Federation (New Layout)

African Resistance History Series:

* Anarchism and Revolution in Black Africa by Stephan P. Halbrook (New Layout and Zabalaza Introduction added)

* Africa, Nationalism & the State by Sam Dolgoff

African Anarchism Section:

* Freedom for All: An Introduction to Anarchism (New Layout)

* African Socialism: An Anarchist Critique (New Layout)

Women's Liberation Section:

* Anarchist Revolution and the Liberation of Women by Martha A. Ackelsburg (New Layout)

* Feminism, Class and Anarchism by Deirdre Hogan

Revolutionary History Section:

* The Spanish Revolution: Anarchism in Action (New Layout)

Economics Section:

* Anarchism Communism: Its Basis and Principles by Peter Kropotkin (New Layout)

Various Section:

* The Irrational in Politics by Maurice Brinton (New Layout)

* Anarchism and Violence by Errico Malatesta (New Layout)

* You Can't Blow Up a Social Relationship: The Anarchist Case Against Terrorism (New Layout)

* Pleasure Not Duty (2 Essays on inter-personal relationships)

Leaflets Section:

* The Koran: Road Map for a Religion of Violence…

* Rethinking Crimethinc

* Towards More Effective Political Organisations: The Role of Leadership in an Anarchist Society

Also don't forget, if you haven't got your copy already, the new issue (#8) of Zabalaza: A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism is available for download.

Zabalaza #8 includes the following articles:

- Asgisa: A Working Class Critique
- Now is the Winter of Our Discontent: SA Public Sector Strike Stokes the Fire of Popular-Class Unity and Reveals “Communist” Weakness
- The 2010 World Cup, the Neo-liberal Agenda and the Class Struggle in South Africa
- Students and Staff Protest University Privatisation
- A Short History and Introduction to the Anarchist Black Cross
- Vigilante Farmers Want Refugee Camps on the Borderland
- Swaziland: The Royal Assassination of Our Dear Comrade
- Europe, Africa and the Neo-Liberal Strategy of Co-Optation
- Blood, Water & Oil: Fallacies of the Darfur War
- The Congo’s Dilemma: Why the Congo is yet another example why we have to rethink our political system
- A New Guantanamo in Africa?
- Misrepresentation of Self-Management in the Caribbean
- Some Thoughts on Theoretical Unity & Collective Responsibility
- Clarity on What Anarcho-Syndicalism Is
- Towards an Anarcho-Syndicalist Strategy for Africa

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