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South-East Asia

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south-east asia / the left Sunday May 09, 2021 21:13 by Vietnamese Anarchists
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... to exist is in itself a victory, thus a role manifests itself, a role to represent the voices of Vietnamese radicals. We aim at the future working class, the youth, who are both perpetuating and oppressed by capitalism and the state so that they can break through its oppressive chains.

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South-East Asia

Thu 17 Jun, 18:04

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Une toile de Diêu Hâu inspirée par une peinture traditionnelle vietnamienne imageVietnam : les promesses brisées du Vietnam Jun 11 19:33 by Mèo Mun 0 comments

«Μια επανάσταση αρουραίων» του Diều Hâu imageΟι ανεκπλήρωτες `... May 13 19:43 by Βιετναμέζοι αναρχικοίi 0 comments

“A Rats' Revolution” by Diều Hâu imageThe Broken Promises of Vietnam May 09 21:13 by Vietnamese Anarchists 2 comments

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lajeunesse.jpg imageΟ αναρχισμός στη ... Nov 08 17:13 by Dmitri (translation) 0 comments

juicio a los miembros del grupo guillotina girochinsha en 1925. wada kyu770taro770 es el primero a la derecha y furuta daijiro770 es el tercero a la derecha. no769tese la mueca de desprecio la sonrisa sardo769nica ante la comedia de juicio imageΤο αναρχικό κίνη_... Jun 04 20:59 by Ba Jin 0 comments

mapa_comuna_shinmin_corea1.jpg imageRevolución Anarquista en Corea: la Comuna de Shinmin (1929-1932) Jun 25 08:13 by Emilio Crisi 0 comments

textAnarchist reports from protests suppressed in Malaysia Jul 22 01:25 by Sean Matthews 0 comments

malaysiaprotests007.jpg imageResoconto anarchico sulla repressione delle proteste in Malesia Jul 14 16:42 by Sean Matthews 1 comments

malaysiaprotests007.jpg imageReportage anarchiste sur la répression des manifestations en Malaisie Jul 14 00:55 by Sean Matthews 0 comments

malaysiaprotests007.jpg imageAnarchist reports from protests suppressed in Malaysia Jul 11 19:11 by Sean Matthews 0 comments

Manifestazione del Primo Maggio 2011 in Malesia imageIntervista con anarchici della Malesia Jun 22 20:47 by Sean Matthews 0 comments

A protest during May Day 2011 in Malaysia imageInterview with Malaysian anarchists Jun 20 18:17 by Sean Matthews 3 comments

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textΕντάλματα για τη ... Aug 10 14:52 by Αναρχικός αλληλέγγυος 1 comments

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textAn anarchist alternative for the Philippines Apr 26 14:41 by bas umali 2 comments

textMagpapalit ng Rehimen o Magpapalit ng Sistema? Feb 28 16:01 by jose ricardo tarrida 0 comments

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textΓια τον αναρχισμa... Jul 23 14:29 by Hilary Munro 0 comments

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textHistory and Class Struggle in Thailand May 05 22:54 by Ji Giles Ungpakorn 6 comments

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