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aotearoa / pacific islands / workplace struggles Thursday March 22, 2007 19:30 by Toby
In New Zealand, hundreds of fast food workers waged an innovative campaign called Super-Size My Pay during 2005-06. This is one worker’s overview and analysis of the campaign. This text is taken from the December 2006 issue of the Industrial Workers of the World Australia’s newsletter, Direct Action. The campaign, run by Unite union, was named after Morgan Spurlock s popular documentary Supersize Me, which had cost the McDonald s millions by re-branding their food as unhealthy and dangerous.

Super-Size My Pay aimed to re-brand fast food management practices as anti-worker, based upon super exploitation and poverty wages. One of the key tactics of the campaign was attacking the brand s identity. The campaign was also based upon short but sharp strikes, flying pickets and community support from outside the union.

international / workplace struggles Thursday January 25, 2007 18:12 by Oisin Mac Giollamoir
Precarity is a term synonymous with precariousness. It is perhaps best conceived as chronic insecurity. In recent times with the dismantling of the welfare state, the destruction of social security, workers’ existence is becoming more and more insecure. Precarity is a term that has been developed to describe these changes and the new form of working class existence that has developed due to them.

This article introduces the terms and links to some more detailed articles on struggles around precarity
These articles are at

international / luttes en milieu de travail Wednesday March 22, 2006 11:51 by Manuel Baptista
Le syndicalisme, ou bien il est réellement révolutionnaire, ou alors il se transforme en un instrument de contrôle de la classe dominante sur la classe opprimée.
La seule possibilité de lutte pour les travailleurs, dans une société dominée par le capitalisme – où a lieu, en fait, le phénomène de régression de toutes les idées généreuses d’égalité et de solidarité, en conséquence de l’offensive agressive de l’idéologie globalisante et neolibérale – c’est leur organisation autonome.


international / workplace struggles Monday January 30, 2006 23:03 by Laure Akai
The labour movement has found internationally, it seems, an issue around which to mobilize: the Directive on Services in the Internal Market, otherwise known as the Bolkestein Directive. The directive, which would remove barriers to the provision of services between member states, is most often criticized for its “country of origin principle”. Under this principle, companies which are registered in any EU member state may not only provide services in any other, but also can employee workers to perform such services abroad remaining subject to the law of the country in which they are registered. It is feared that businesses will utilize this law to take advantage of less strident labour and environmental standards in countries with more relaxed standards. An inevitable race to the bottom is bound to occur.

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ireland / britain / workplace struggles Friday January 20, 2006 17:43 by Alan MacSimoin
Late last year Ireland saw ferry ships occupied, port workers turning away a strikebreaking ship, and a half-day solidarity strike by about 150,000 workers. Here we present an overview of what happened along with links to articles published by anarchists in Ireland, before, during and after the struggle.

Irish Ferries, a private company operating ferries to Britain and France announced that it was going to make Irish workers redundant and replace them with East Europeans on much lower wages. The company said it would not even pay the Irish minimum wage (€7.65 per hour), and was going to register its ships in Cyprus in order to evade Irish law.

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Employees at the Zarfati Garage in Mishur Adumim vote to strike on July 22, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Ma’an workers union)

Employees at the Zarfati Garage in Mishur Adumim vote to strike on July 22, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Ma’an workers union)

Workplace struggles

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