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Note: Articles classified as "non anarchist press" are published in this section of the site. They do not usually reflect the opinions of nor of the organizations who run this site and are included by reason of their possible interest to readers. The opinions expressed in any such articles are exclusively those of the articles' authors.
venezuela / colombia / la izquierda / non-anarchist press Sunday July 12, 2009 - 00:20 by FRENTES URBANOS   image 1 image
Este 4 de Julio de 2009 el Ejército de Liberación Nacional- E.L.N., nuestra organización revolucionaria, cumple 45 años de vigencia histórica, la cual continúa, pese a las dificultades del pasado; pese al período contra-revolucionario que vivimos y pese al grado de dispersión, confusión y división que padece el campo revolucionario, en especial, las organizaciones que nos levantamos en armas contra el dominio oligárquico e imperialista.

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internacional / la izquierda / other libertarian press Saturday July 04, 2009 - 00:34 by Andrés Bianque
Los Cocodrilos vuelan. No, no vuelan.
Lo dijo el Comité Central. Entonces si vuelan, pero bajitos
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central america / caribbean / the left / non-anarchist press Thursday June 11, 2009 - 06:37 by J-J D
Haiti - where foreign powers say that all that's missing is democracy, good governance and stronger institutions. Yet when a fairly elected parliament votes overwhelmingly in favour of an increase in the pathetically low minimum daily wage, all the private sector has to do to block the move is to threaten to sack half of the garment assembly sector workforce if the increase goes ahead. What does the international community do? Force the private sector to back down? No it unleashes the 'security' forces to violently repress university students who took to the streets to try and force the president to make the minimum wage increase legislation official.... ... read full story / add a comment
amérique centrale / caraïbes / la gauche / presse non anarchiste Tuesday June 09, 2009 - 18:37 by AHP   text 1 comment (last - sunday july 05, 2009 - 23:53)
Les funérailles du prêtre haïtien, Gérard Jean-Juste, décedé des suites de problèmes respiratoires et cardiaques après une leucémie attrapée en 2005 en prison, seront chantées ce samedi à Miami. Mais des veillées et d'autres activités sont organisées dans plusieurs villes haïtiennes dont Port-au-Prince et un peu partout à l'étranger: Santo-Domingo, New-York, New-Jersey, Boston, Paris et ailleurs.
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mashriq / arabia / iraq / the left / non-anarchist press Tuesday June 02, 2009 - 22:12 by As`ad AbuKhalil
The Arab Left didn’t just collapse of its own accord, and the method of its collapse was not fast or sudden. A generation of Arabs today forget that the Arab communist parties in Iraq and in Sudan, for example, were the biggest Arab parties, and without artificial support from the military establishment in those countries. The communists were deeply embedded throughout Iraq, and the religious schools in Najaf suffered the loss of the youth to the Iraqi Communist Party. All that has changed. Some of the elements of the phenomenon of the fall of the Left were local, and some of them were regional, and some of the others were global. The French Communist Party is about as powerful as the Wa’d Party in Lebanon, and the Italian Communist Party lost its luster some time ago. What has changed?
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amérique centrale / caraïbes / la gauche / presse non anarchiste Sunday May 31, 2009 - 00:36 by Harry Fouche, Chairman
Père Gérard Jean Juste.
s'est éteint le mercredi 27 Mai 2009 aux environs de 5 heures de l'après- midi à l'âge de 62 ans, à l'hôpital Jackson de Miami.
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amérique centrale / caraïbes / la gauche / presse non anarchiste Friday May 29, 2009 - 17:25 by Elsie Haas   text 1 comment (last - friday june 05, 2009 - 00:07)
Il avait attrapé la leucémie en prison.
Les gens de l'opération "dechoukaj de la dignité" de 2004 avaient applaudi à son arrestation.
Comme à Saint -Domingue, d'autres ont applaudi à la décapitation en place publique du jeune homme haïtien.
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amerik santral / karayib / the left / non-anarchist press Saturday April 25, 2009 - 18:16 by Fanmi Lavalas
Branch Fanmi Lavalas an Frans apwiye tout manifestasyon pasifik kap fèt nan peyi Ayiti pou KEP ya (Konsèy elektoral pwovizwa) tounen sou desiziyon abitrè li te pran pou ekskli Fanmi Lavals nan eleksyon senatè yo ki sot fèt dat ki 19 avril 2009 la.
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southern africa / the left / non-anarchist press Thursday April 23, 2009 - 19:24 by Independent Community Action Network
We as the Independent Community Action Network hereby forward our position on the 2009 Elections:

We will definitely boycott the coming elections as they are bourgeoisie elections. None of the parties in this election represent our needs as the poor and the working class masses of this country. We will not partake in an election to choose a new oppressor, a new custodian of capital, a new guardian of poverty. ... read full story / add a comment
southern africa / the left / non-anarchist press Monday April 20, 2009 - 22:09 by John Appolis & Dale McKinley
We are now in a world radically different from what it was a mere four months ago. The world economy is collapsing, torn apart by an economic recession. Thousands of workers are being thrown out of work; millions find themselves hungry in the midst of plenty of food; millions are homeless in the midst of houses being repossessed and standing empty. Cement and brick factories are standing idle when millions require shelter. Neoliberal capitalism has over the past thirty years inflicted untold misery onto the world's poor whilst simultaneously making a very small minority filthy rich. ... read full story / add a comment
southern africa / the left / non-anarchist press Thursday April 09, 2009 - 21:25 by Dale T. McKinley
At the Durban 'rally' on Tuesday to celebrate the formal dropping of charges against Jacob Zuma, the two most prominent 'communist' leaders in South Africa uttered statements that should make any progressive person shudder. Young Communist League National Secretary, Buti Manamela (who has previously called political opponents 'baboons') had this to say about those who have been on the 'other' side of the long-running Zuma saga: "Thugs, criminals, connivers and witches of the country must be exposed". Not to be outdone, SACP General Secretary Blade Nzimande followed this up by stating that if the "witches" were not stopped, "they will do it again in daylight".
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international / the left / non-anarchist press Thursday April 09, 2009 - 16:43 by Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign
As the worldwide economic meltdown continues, it's becoming clear that the fight against foreclosures is not simply an American issue; it is a global issue. And as US activists come to terms with the human consequences of the crisis, there is much to be learned from activists elsewhere who have been grappling with these issues for years. ... read full story / add a comment
international / the left / non-anarchist press Saturday March 28, 2009 - 04:16 by Revolutionary
"Does the current trajectory in Nepal and the course taken by the CPN(M) represent an historic new thing, a victory and breakthrough in advancing the communist revolution in the 21st century, as some have claimed; or—as many others fear—does this represent a setback and betrayal of the goals of the revolution and of the heroic struggle waged to achieve them, and a serious departure from the communist cause that the CPN(M) claims to be fighting for?" ... read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / the left / other libertarian press Friday March 13, 2009 - 03:37 by Rafael Uzcátegui
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez won the approval, through an election process, of a constitutional amendment that allows indefinite re-election to all government officials in popular vote public offices. ... read full story / add a comment
amérique centrale / caraïbes / la gauche / presse non anarchiste Wednesday February 25, 2009 - 20:28 by Francis Carole et Clément Charpentier-Tity   text 1 comment (last - wednesday february 25, 2009 - 22:28)   image 1 image
internazionale / la sinistra / altra stampa libertaria Sunday February 15, 2009 - 00:47 by El Libertario, Venezuela   image 1 image
* Di fronte al tentativo di Chavez di permettersi la rielezione presidenziale indefinita, attraverso l’approvazione del Referendum di un emendamento costituzionale, noi anarchici rendiamo pubblica questa dichiarazione, contenuta anche nell’Editoriale di El Libertario, n. 55 di Gennaio- Febbraio 2009. ... read full story / add a comment
amerik santral / karayib / the left / non-anarchist press Tuesday February 10, 2009 - 21:03 by FL
Nou menm reprezantan plizyè baz Lavalas nan Nò peyi a Reyini nan Lenbe jodi 8 fevriye 2009 la pou nou reflechi sou desizyon anti demokratik KEP la pran kont Fanmi Lavalas.
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central asia / the left / non-anarchist press Saturday January 24, 2009 - 06:44 by Roshan Kissoon   text 1 comment (last - tuesday january 27, 2009 - 02:55)
The Marxist-Leninist tendency to centralise all power in one place, in one person, has proved both effective and ineffective. This tendency seems effective in countries like Nepal, where many people can neither read nor write, and the political tradition demands a single strong leader. In the leader, the people find a reflection of themselves, a leader who can say what they wish to say, and lead them to where they cannot go themselves. However, this form of leadership causes many problems, as the leader becomes more than human, and the person of the leader becomes inseparable from the political line. ... read full story / add a comment
amérique centrale / caraïbes / la gauche / presse non anarchiste Thursday January 08, 2009 - 08:40 by Franck Laraque
Notre propos est de suggérer la possibilité de démanteler la corruption et de construire Haïti par nous-mêmes avec le concours de forces étrangères solidaires. Une mobilisation générale structurée s’impose pour des mesures d’urgence. Sans quoi, le pays qui est à l’image de l’école Promesse évangélique de Nérette s’effondrera dans un grand fracas de ruines, de boue et de sang. ... read full story / add a comment
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