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france / belgique / luxembourg / anti-fascisme Tuesday February 14, 2017 04:55 by Relations Extérieures de la CGA   text 1 comment (last - friday february 17, 2017 06:07)
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Communiqué de la CGA de solidarité avec Théo et toutes les victimes de la police, contre les lois sécuritaires, les violences et le racisme d’État.

[English] [Castellano] [Italiano]

mashriq / arabia / iraq / anti-fascism Saturday December 03, 2016 15:14 by Various   text 1 comment (last - wednesday december 21, 2016 22:32)
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Selection of articles on the murder of anarchist Michael Israel, together with volunteer Anton Leschek, while fighting with the YPG against ISIS fascists in Rojava. They were bombed by Turkish airplanes.


france / belgique / luxembourg / anti-fascisme Monday November 21, 2016 16:17 by Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes - Lyon   text 2 comments (last - wednesday november 23, 2016 19:56)
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La résistance de nos camarades a empêché les fascistes de pénétrer physiquement dans le local, mais n’a pu éviter les dégâts matériels que sont la destruction de la totalité des vitres et d’une partie du volet. Plusieurs personnes ont également subi des blessures légères durant cette agression qui a duré de longues minutes, notamment à cause de projectiles (pierres, outils métalliques, bouteilles en verre) lancés par les fascistes. Lors de leur arrivée puis de leur départ, les fascistes ont hurlé « on est chez nous », « la France au Français » et « morts aux juifs », comme signe de ralliement et de dispersion.
Cette attaque odieuse n’est pas un fait isolé. Près de 20 ans après l’incendie du précédent local de la Plume Noire par l’extrême-droite en 1997, elle s’inscrit dans la montée en puissance actuelle de l’extrême-droite et du fascisme, qui se traduit par une multiplication des agressions contre les minorités, des militantes et militants du mouvement syndical, féministe, antiraciste, LGBT et progressiste.

[English] [Castellano] [Ελληνικά] [Italiano] [Nederlands]

ireland / britain / anti-fascism Saturday February 13, 2016 19:14 by Fionnghuala Nic Roibeaird
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The Neo-Nazi group Pegida is attempting to establish a branch in Ireland this Saturday in Dublin. Pegida, the "anti-Islamifacation" group that is attempting to hijack anti-establishment politics by placing the blame of the current global capitalist crisis on the shoulders of refugees and migrants: those with no systemic or economic power in our society.

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indonesia / philippines / australia / anti-fascism Sunday December 14, 2014 16:43 by Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group
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During the last 3 years in Greece, savage austerity imposed by the Troika (International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission) has crippled the country’s economy. The austerity has led to a depression that is as bad, if not worse, as the Great Depression was in the United States. Enjoying the atmosphere of anguish and despair associated with economic depression, Golden Dawn has flourished, espousing an ideology of hate.

It is in effect a Fascist party that promotes anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant and misogynist chauvinism and has grown to become the third most popular political party in the country. It is this threat which led the Greek government to arrest the party’s leadership and dozens of its followers after a Golden Dawn member fatally stabbed anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas in September last year. Some Golden Dawn members (including senior leaders) have also been charged by police with bashing defenceless individuals, whom Golden Dawn deemed to be enemies, for causing explosions and for blackmail. A police investigation that has been launched into the party, but has failed to produce clear results. Beyond their racist, bigoted ideology, Golden Dawn draws inspiration from the violent methods of the Nazi German regime of the last century.



Tue 27 Jun, 03:06

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menidi66.jpg imageΣημειώσεις για τ_... Jun 21 20:13 by Βαγιάν 0 comments

Η εικόνα του τσιγγάνου που πουλάει ναρκωτικά, οπλοφορεί και οδηγάει ακριβά αυτοκίνητα είναι το προτεινόμενο μοντέλο της κοινωνίας του θεάματος για τις γκετοποιημένες περιοχές, το αντεσταρμένο κοινωνικό πρότυπο των παραβατικών που με αυτό τον τρόπο γίνεται ακίνδυνο και ταυτόχρονα προσοδοφόρο. Αυτοί οι τσιγγάνοι είναι πρέζάκια της κοινωνίας του θεάματος.

textFace aux groupuscules et à l’idéologie fascistes : vigilance et résistance collectives ! Jun 06 14:25 by Relations Extérieures de la CGA 0 comments

Communiqué de la CGA suite à l'ouverture d'un squat fasciste à Lyon

textItalia, 1 maggio 1947: La strage di Portella della Ginestra May 05 18:02 by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments

Nel suo ultimo lavoro ‟Il bandito della Guerra Freddaˮ, Pietro Orsatti ripercorre questa storia in occasione del 70° anniversario della strage di Portella della Ginestra, perpetrata il Primo Maggio 1947: strage fascista, strage mafiosa, strage di Stato.

16298555_10212261780281913_7935719123289947709_n.jpg imageΜεταλλάξεις του ]... Apr 26 20:54 by Dmitri 0 comments

Στο βιβλίο «Τα νέα πρόσωπα του φασισμού» (Les Nouveaux Visages du fascisme) ο Enzo Traverso και ο Régis Meyran συζητούν τις συνέχειες και τις ασυνέχειες μεταξύ των φασιστικών κινημάτων του 20ου αιώνα και της σημερινής «μετα-φασιστικής» ακροδεξιάς. Ο Olivier Doubre μίλησε με τον Traverso για την πρόσφατη έκδοση του Politis.

textTERRORE DI STATO CONTRO IL POPOLO CURDO Apr 26 05:59 by Gianni Sartori 0 comments

Riprendono i bombardamenti contro la popolazione curda da parte dell'aviazione turca

text25 aprile 2017: per sempre in lotta – per sempre in resistenza Apr 25 03:55 by Alternativa Libertaria 0 comments


textItalia - 25 aprile 2017: per sempre in lotta, per sempre in resistenza Apr 24 21:18 by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments

Il fascismo si combatte nelle piazze, con l’azione diretta, con la conquista maggiore di nuove libertà, con l’autogestione e con l’organizzazione dal basso.

textLucien van der Walt – 2017 Statement on Michael Schmidt Affair Apr 12 00:52 by Lucien van der Walt 0 comments

On 11 February 2016, I issued an initial personal statement on the Michael Schmidt affair.[1] I completely rejected the irredeemable racist and right-wing statements attributed to Schmidt, which were mainly posted under false names online. They represent positions I have consistently opposed, for decades, to the best of my abilities. I noted problems with his explanation, centred on the claim that his posts and false personas were solely means for infiltrating the radical right for undercover research. I raised serious ethical problems with his actions, including his admitted role in repeatedly frustrating earlier investigations into his actions by myself and others. I also laid out my emotional turmoil over the affair, the gulf between the Schmidt I knew and trusted, a man active in left and black working class circles, and another Schmidt, increasingly exposed.

textReactionary Working Class? Mar 17 05:51 by Asbjørn Wahl 0 comments

Large parts of the western working class now seem to gather around right populists, demagogues, and racists. They vote for reactionary and fascistoid political parties. They helped to vote the UK out of the EU and to make Trump president of the world's superpower number one, and they vote so massively for the far right political parties that the latter have government power in sight throughout several of Europe's most populous countries.

hammerswastika.png imageCorreggio antifascista Mar 01 19:13 by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments

Correggio si impegna a vigilare perché sul proprio territorio la bestia scacciata più di settant'anni fa non osi più mettere piede

thegreatdictator.jpg imageGenova - Fascismo: conoscerlo per combatterlo Feb 28 03:18 by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments

attualità e metodi per combattere il fascismo anche nei nostri territori

airportprotests.jpg imageΓια μια ενωτική, ε&#... Feb 24 15:59 by Αναρχική Συμμαχία “1 Μάη” 0 comments

Μετάφραση κειμένου των συντρόφων της αναρχικής συμμαχίας 1 Μάη από την άλλη μεριά του Ατλαντικού σχετικά με τα πρόσφατα γεγονότα στις ΗΠΑ, την απαγόρευση εισόδου στα αεροδρόμια, τις φασιστικές επιθέσεις και τις κοινωνικές/ταξικές απαντήσεις.

6339818330_975367e68a_b300x225.jpg imageΟ φασισμός τσακί_... Feb 23 03:45 by Ελευθεριακή Συνδικαλιστική Ένωση Ιωαννίνων 0 comments

Αν όμως νομίζουν πως με αυτό τον τρόπο θα ανακόψουν το κοινωνικό κίνημα, τις κατακτήσεις και τους αγώνες του, κάτι έχουν καταλάβει λάθος. Είμαστε διατεθειμένοι να τους βοηθήσουμε. Γιατί θα καταλάβουν τι θα πει να κλείνεις τον δρόμο σε αντιφασίστες, να προστατεύεις τα ναζιστικά καθάρματα και να φυλάς τους εκμεταλλευτές. Θα το καταλάβουν κι από την καλή κι από την ανάποδη!

1486395120135_3.jpg imageSolidarietà con Théo e con ogni vittima degli abusi della polizia! No alla legge di "Pubbl... Feb 20 23:12 by Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes 0 comments

La Coordination des Groups Anarchistes (CGA) afferma la propria solidarietà con Théo, che è stato violentato, pestato ed insultato da 4 poliziotti nei giorni scorsi. Affermiamo anche la nostra solidarietà con le persone che hanno mostrato e continuao a mostrare la loro legittima rabbia contro la polizia a Aulnay e nella altre municipalità di Seine-Saint-Denis. Denunciamo l'uso della violenza da parte della polizia contro i manifestanti, in particolare i colpi di avvertimento con proiettili veri durante la notte tra il 6 e 7 febbraio, come pure tutti gli arresti e le detenzioni criminali. Sabato 11 febbraio è stata organizzata una manifestazione contro la violenza della polizia ed in solidarietà con Théo in tutta la Francia. Migliaia di persone si sono radunate davanti al tribunale di Bobigny dove la repressione è stata molto dura. [Français] [English] [Castellano]

1486395120135_2.jpg image¡Solidaridad con Théo y con todas las otras víctimas de las violencias policiales! ¡No a l... Feb 16 03:10 by Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes 0 comments

La Coordinación de Grupos Anarquistas afirma su solidaridad con Théo, que ha sido víctima de una violación, golpes e intimidaciones de parte de cuatro policías el último 2 de febrero. También nos solidarizamos con las personas que han manifestado o que manifiestan ahora su ira legítima contra la policía en Aulnay y otras comunas de Seine-Saint-Denis. Denunciamos el uso de violencia de la policía contra los y las manifestantes, cuyos disparos de advertencia fueron municiones reales durante la noche del 6 al 7 de febrero, como las interpelaciones y las condenas judiciales. Este sábado 11 de febrero, se han organizado manifestaciones contra la violencia policial en solidaridad con Théo en toda Francia. Varios miles de personas se han reunido frente al tribunal de Bobigny donde la represión fue muy severa. [Français] [English] [Italiano]

1486395120135_1.jpg imageSolidarity with Théo and every victim of police abuse! No to the “Public Security” law! Feb 15 01:22 by Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes 0 comments

The Coordination of Arnarchist Groups (CGA) affirms its solidarity with Théo, who was raped, beaten and insulted by four policemen on the second of last February. We also affirm our solidarity with people who has shown and keep showing their legitimate outrage against police in Aulnay and others municipalities of Seine-Saint-Denis. We denounce the use of violence by the police against protesters, in particular the warning shots using live rounds during the night from the 6th to the 7th of February, as well as all the arrests and the criminal convictions. This Saturday the 11th of February, demonstration against police violence and in solidarity with Théo were organized all over France. Thousands of protesters gathered in front of the Bobigny court where the repression was very severe. [Français] [Castellano] [Italiano]

antipnoia_net.jpg imageΠολιτικό Κάλεσμα... Feb 14 15:35 by Αναρχική Πολιτική Οργάνωση 0 comments

Αντικρατικό - αντικαπιταλιστικό - αντιφασιστικό κάλεσμα στη δίκη της Χρυσής Αυγής τις ημέρες εκδίκασης της υπόθεσης για την επίθεση στο αναρχικό-αντιεξουσιαστικό στέκι αντίπνοια Τρίτη 14 Φλεβάρη, 9.00, Εφετείο

1486395120135.jpg imageSolidarité avec Théo et toutes les victimes des violences policières ! Non à la loi « Sécu... Feb 14 04:55 by Relations Extérieures de la CGA 1 comments

Communiqué de la CGA de solidarité avec Théo et toutes les victimes de la police, contre les lois sécuritaires, les violences et le racisme d’État.

textmanifestazione contro il convegno delle ultra destre europee a Genova Feb 09 16:42 by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments

"L’Antifascismo è pratica quotidiana

9.jpg imageΑντιφασιστικές σ... Jan 23 16:54 by Ελευθεριακή Πρωτοβουλία Θεσσαλονίκης 0 comments

Η αλήθεια είναι ότι αν και τους τελευταίους μήνες η «δράση» των φασιστών της πόλης μας έκανε πολύ συχνά να μειδιάσουμε, αυτό το τελευταίο, το να μην εμφανιστούν καν στην συγκέντρωση που κάλεσαν, έστω πίσω από την κάλυψη των μπάτσων όπως συνήθως, έστω σε κλειστό χώρο, έστω έξω από την πόλη… θέτει τον πήχη ακόμα “ψηλότερα”! Το γεγονός δε ότι την επόμενη ημέρα (22/1) έβγαλαν ανακοίνωση με την οποία υποστηρίζουν ότι ποτέ δεν κάλεσαν στην πορεία και όλα ήταν κόλπο των αντιφασιστών, οι οποίοι μόνοι τους τύπωσαν τα τρικάκια που καλούσαν στην εθνικιστική πορεία (!!!), απλά απογειώνει την ξεφτίλα τους, αλλά παράλληλα απογειώνει και το αστείο της υπόθεσης!

6339818330_975367e68a_b300x225.jpg imageΒέροια: Μια αντιφ ... Jan 22 18:05 by ΕΣΕ Ημαθίας 0 comments

Ο εχθρός των ναζί είναι το εργατικό και κοινωνικό κίνημα που παλεύει για δικαιοσύνη. Ας μην διαψεύσουμε τους φόβους τους ούτε στιγμή. Δεν φτάνει στο δρόμο να κατεβαίνουν οι 200-300 ενεργοί πολίτες για να πνίξουν το φίδι. Χρειάζεται να φτιαχτεί ένα ακηδεμόνευτο «από τα κάτω» οριζόντιο μαχητικό αντιφασιστικό κίνημα, στην εργασία, στα σχολεία, τις γειτονιές κ.α που όχι μόνο θα φράζει το δρόμο στους φασίστες, αλλά θα ανοίγει γενικευμένα το δρόμο της αντίστασης και της ανυπακοής στις προσταγές των “από πάνω”.

signal20170115221904.jpg imageEl cuerpo del internacionalista Michael Israel reposa en EEUU Jan 19 17:42 by IGD 0 comments

El voluntario norteamericano de 27 años murió en un bombardeo turco el 29 de noviembre en el norte de Siria.

signal20170115221904_1.jpg imageBody Of YPG Volunteer Michael Israel Returns To U.S. To Be Laid To Rest Jan 19 17:40 by IGD 0 comments

This past week on January 11th, the body of Michael Israel, Sacramento organizer and late YPG volunteer, finally arrived in California from overseas. His journey back into the United States took over a month, and began in Syria with a ceremony and mourning procession to send him off. His California community has been awaiting his arrival, and organized a funeral procession of their own to welcome Michael home for the last time. Sacramento and Bay Area activists, individuals from the California Kurdish community, and Michael’s friends and family all came together to accompanied him from the San Francisco Airport to Lodi, his hometown. Over fifty people took part in the long-distance procession, traveling in around 20 cars, vans, and buses festooned with YPG and anti-fascist flags, flowers, and pictures of Michael.

cameradeideputati1.jpg imageItalia - Referendum costituzionale, sconfitta l'arroganza del potere Dec 17 01:56 by Alternativa Libertaria/fdca 0 comments

Sulla Carta non cambierà niente.
Le modifiche alla Costituzione, presentate dal governo Renzi e sostenute da variegate espressioni del capitalismo italiano, sono state respinte dal voto con un NO senza attenuanti.

15492140_385104425165921_6011479682811637548_n.jpg imageΗ αντιφασιστική `... Dec 12 14:43 by αναρχική ομάδα “δυσήνιος ίππος” 0 comments

Το Σάββατο 10/12 οι ναζί της Χρυσής Αυγής, άφαντοι στην πόλη της Πάτρας τα τελευταία χρόνια, επιχείρησαν στα κρυφά, χωρίς καμιά δημόσια ανακοίνωση νωρίτερα, να πραγματοποιήσουν εκδήλωση στα γραφεία τους με τον ευρωβουλευτή Επιτήδειο. Και αυτό γιατί την τελευταία φορά που το ανακοίνωσαν από πριν δεν κατάφεραν καν να προσεγγίσουν τα γραφεία τους (ενώ 2-3 που βρίσκονταν σε αυτά παρέμειναν εκεί εγκλωβισμένοι για ώρες), ύστερα από την άμεση συγκέντρωση αντιφασιστών στο χώρο.

15241785_10209403311172933_3995120781899577416_n_1.jpg imageAnarchico Americano e 'Wobbly' uccisi dalla Turchia, mentre combatteva ISIS in Rojava Dec 07 21:01 by Vario 0 comments

Il volontario statunitense che si era unito alla milizia delle YPG e che è caduto combattendo contro l'ISIS in Rojava questa settimana era un anarchico ed iscritto all'Industrial Workers of the World. E' morto vittima di un bombardamento aereo turco diretto a colpire i combattenti curdi che stavano incalzando i clerico-fascisti dell'ISIS. [English]

15241785_10209403311172933_3995120781899577416_n.jpg imageAmerican Anarchist and Wobbly killed by Turkey while fighting ISIS in Rojava Dec 03 15:14 by Various 1 comments

Selection of articles on the murder of anarchist Michael Israel, together with volunteer Anton Leschek, while fighting with the YPG against ISIS fascists in Rojava. They were bombed by Turkish airplanes.

laplumenoirenouvellefacade9608.jpg imageΥποστηρίξτε το «La Plume ... Nov 25 16:41 by «La Plume Noire» 0 comments

Συγκέντρωση χρημάτων για την υποστήριξη του «La Plume Noire» και των δραστηριοτήτων του

cga_3.jpg imageFascistische aanval in Croix Rousse (Lyon) en tegen de anarchistische boekenwinkel La Plum... Nov 24 18:35 by Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes - Lyon 0 comments

Het verzet van onze kameraden vermeed dat de fascisten er in slaagden werkelijk binnen te dringen, maar ze konden niet vermijden dat er schade werd toegebracht aan het gebouw: alle ruiten warden ingeslagen en de metalen blinden warden deels vernield. Verschillende mensen raakten lichtgewond tijdens de aanval, die slechts minuten duurde, maar het leken uren. De verwondingen werden grotendeels veroorzaakt door de projectielen die de fascisten naar hun doelwit smeten: stenen, metalen voorwerpen en flessen. Bij aankomst en bij vertrek scandeerden de fascisten xenofobe slogans; “on est chez nous”, “La france aux francais” en “morts aux Juifs” (“wij zijn ‘bij ons’, ‘laat Frankrijk aan de fransen’ en ‘dood aan de joden’) om angst te zaaien.
Deze afschuwelijke aanval is geen geïsoleerd geval. De aanval vond plaats ongeveer 20 jaar nadat extreem rechtse activisten de vorige locatie van ‘Plume Noire’ platbrandden in 1997, en kadert binnen de opmars van extreem rechts en het fascisme. Deze opmars resulteert in een vermenigvuldiging van aanvallen op minderheden groepen, de vakbondsbeweging en feministische, antiracistische, LGTB en progressieve activisten. [Français] [English] [Castellano] [Ελληνικά] [Italiano]

cga_2.jpg imageAttacco fascista in Croix Rousse (Lione) ed alla libreria anarchica la Plume Noire Nov 24 18:19 by Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes - Lyon 0 comments

La resistenza dei nostri compagni ha impedito che i fascisti entrassero, ma non ha impedito che ci fossero danni materiali: la distruzione di tutti i vetri delle finestre e parte delle persiane di metallo. Diverse persone sono rimaste leggermente ferite in questo attacco che è durato lunghi minuti, soprattutto a causa dei proiettili (pietre, oggetti metallici, bottiglie) scagliati dai fascisti. Quando sono arrivati e quando se ne sono andati, i fascisti hanno cantato "on est chez nous", "la France aux Français" (slogan xenofobi) e "morte agli ebrei", come segnali di adunata e di dispersione.
Questo attacco efferato non è un caso isolato. E' successo quasi 20 anni dopo che gli attivisti di estrema destra hanno dato fuoco ai precedenti locali della "Plume Noire" nel 1997, e trova la sua origine nell'attuale aumento dell'estrema destra e del fascismo, che si traduce in una moltiplicazione di attacchi contro le minoranze, contro i sindacalisti, contro le femministe, gli antirazzisti, il movimento LGBT e contro gli attivisti progressisti. [Français] [English] [Castellano] [Ελληνικά] [Nederlands]

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